RHA MA650 review: The RHA MA650 is a good buy for those who need music on the move without the hassle of wires.

British audio company RHA has been making steady inroads into the Indian market by offering great audio quality and good design. I tried out their MA750 neckband earphones recently and now have my hands on the RHA MA650, another neckband model, but with a more affordable price tag. RHA MA650 review In terms of design and feel, the MA650 is very similar to its more expensive cousin. There is a soft rubber feel neck band with heavier tips that house the controls as well as the cords that connect the earphones. On the right is the power button, which also helps initiate Bluetooth pairing with a long press. The cord here has a mic unit with volume controls as well a middle button that lets you take a call or summon the virtual assistant on your phone with a long press. The earphones are housed in aerospace grade aluminum casing that gives a lot of confidence and ensure the driver is at good place for offering you the best sound output. One grouse with the design is the fact that the cables are all around your face and it does look a bit awkward at times. The rubber finish on the MA650 makes it ideal for those listen to music while working out or when commuting. The material is best for sweaty environs like in India and the entire device is water-resistant anyway. The metal tips are magnetic and stick to each other when they are hanging down your neck. The box also comes with a handful of tip options so that you can pick the one that is best for you. The audio quality of RHA devices in not something you really need to write much about. My experience with the MA750 was really good and the MA650 did not disappoint either. The custom 380.1 driver is very versatile and offers a good range. I really enjoyed listening to one of my favourite songs, Azhalinte Azhangalil, which offers a good range of vocal and instruments that puts most earphones to test. This is best for those who like to listen to more vocal-based numbers. I did feel the music getting a bit tinny at times, but this was sorted after I changed the silicone tip to something that fit better. The aerophonic design of the earphones need the perfect tips to ensure you get your music right. The call quality is good, though it gets some getting used to figuring that the button for this is on the cord and not in the neckband. The battery lasts about a full day with calls and music if you choose to use it so. Otherwise, you will need to just charge it once a week. But remember, this needs a USB Type-C cable to charge, so you will need to carry one with you all the time if case your phone doesn’t use one already. Priced at Rs 7,999 and available on headphonezone.in, the RHA MA650 is a good buy for those who need music on the move without the hassle of wires. There is competition though in the form of the Sennheiser CX 7.00BT which offers a better audio profile at a slightly higher price.

RHA MA650 price in India: Rs 7,999