Kamal Rana, Managing Director, MobiOcean

Providing solutions for security and mobility under one roof is the MobiOcean app, which goes by the motto- ‘Mobility- Managed. Regulated. Secured’.  The company aims to provide mobile device management solutions and empowers the users to stay secure.

In an interview with Kamal Rana, Managing Director, MobiOcean, we got to know more about the promising startup:

Please explain the working of the MobiOcean app.

Working on MobiOcean is an easy task all you have to do is go to the website www.mobiocean.com  and register. As a registered user, visit at this link http://mobiocean.com/cloud-management.php and you can buy whatever you want. As per your subscription, you will be given a centralized dashboard to enroll and manage entire business’ users and operations. All your successful enrolled user will get an SMS  request of app download, all they have to do is accept and install the APP, also enrolled user can download the respective APP from the play store.

How is MobiOcean different in its arena, providing solutions and safeguarding a user’s device?

Mobiocean as an app is different because we are the only app that offers all the solutions on one platform. Any other company has only one or two solutions and for the others, you have to go to some other platform. We are a one-stop platform for every mobility managed and security services.

How many monthly active users you have?

At present we are having 5000+ active app users. We are growing day by day and we will soon reach out to masses.

Please tell us more about the revenue model.

We have two ways of revenue: one is app based including some customisation if required by the client and the other is the devices that we offer. MobiOcean provides integrated Mobility solutions with POS devices, handhelds, Biometric Tablets, Fingerprint Devices etc. Devices named as biometric tablets, PoS terminals having different values ranging from 5,000 to 40,000.

What all MobiOcean has at its disposal apart from the app? Does MobiOcean plan to get into more apps?

The company provides solutions like Solutions on Digital payments, Specific Handheld terminals used in various applications, Biometric Attendance(AEBAS/and Non-AEBAS), and eKYC solutions integrated with Aadhaar System for small, medium, and large size businesses. The solutions can be integrated with existing ERP systems seamlessly.

What is MobiOcean’s roadmap in India? Does MobiOcean plan to serve global clients?

We intend to reach to Market primarily thru Digital means, media, and Strong Channel partners. We are establishing ourselves nationally and globally.

What do you have to say about the app market in India? Please comment.

Mobility is something which is indispensable for the growth of any business.  Mobiocean Platform offers basic business operations in a highly efficient and easy way which is required in all business functions on day to day basis like attendance of Field staff, Movement management, Security of data, regulation, and management of company-owned devices, etc. We see as next era for B2B space enabling smallest players may be the small taxi company or even the dhabawala to enable themselves technically and can offer same experiences like Bigger players like OLA, UBER or Foodpanda and similar companies offers.