“It is hard to believe that hardly 5% of the average population understands Coffee” Gaurave Narang, Founder of Coffee Culture

How did you get the idea to go for the coffee shop?

Coffee Culture is a ristorante Coffee Lounge. I was born in Surat and I observed the city was actually in need to have its own hang out place with a delectable food and live ambiance. An idea of developing a Coffee brand with a unique café experience came in the existence in the year 2003. It took almost a year of work to come up with this first outlet of “Coffee Culture” in Surat and it was warmly welcomed by the city.

For how long you have been in the food industry?

I have demonstrated the history of working in the food & beverages industry for almost 14 years and 7 years of hands-on Coffee Shop & Quick Service management experience. Though I believe there are so much more avenues to explore yet. Since last 14 years, I have been just learning the different aspects of F&B Industry and I try to implement it in the Coffee Culture Outlets.

What pitfalls did you encounter while establishing this business?

We have had encounter many obstacles while establishing Coffee Culture. Maximum of them I don’t even remember. I must say whenever you are looking to bring change to establish in the community, you need to be ready for pitfalls. What makes difference is how you get up and bounce back. As our name suggests, Coffee Culture is all about developing the culture, hence required lot many efforts and determination.

What kind of coffee beans are you using?

The Coffee at Coffee Culture is a result of our own secret blend. For that, we use the High-quality Arabica Beans that gives the perfect aroma and perfect taste at each of the outlets across India.

Are you cultivating your own coffee shades or you taking from other industries?

We do get our own beans as per our specification from the estates of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The beans are cultivated in 100% organic procedure and consists the richness of the best Arabica beans.

Along with coffee what are your sub products for sale?

As I mentioned earlier we are not just a cafe but a ristorante Coffee Lounge.

We have a quite well-developed menu which serves a good range of assorted Coffees, along with mocktails, non-alcoholic shots as a beverage and a huge menu for food as well which consists of all-day breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas, Sizzlers and much more. And yes some assorted options in desserts too.

This field is challenging as there are many coffee shops, so what different you are providing to your customers.

We at Coffee Culture guarantees you to satisfy your taste buds with the unique variety of delectable, decorated cozy sitting arrangements.

We are not part of any competition. We believe that we have competition with oneself only. The very feeling of competing with oneself keeps us motivated to do unique things in business. Coffee Culture has always believed in making a mark with a unique menu, live ambiance, and casual service environment.

Nowadays coffee is liked by all but still with your view what age groups you are expecting and why?

It is hard to believe that hardly 5 % of the average population understands Coffee. But the ratio is increasing with the Coffee outlets. With different variants in the menu, we have a coffee for everyone. But yes youth tries all so CC is heaven for such young coffee lovers.

Are you planning for a restaurant?

We are already a Restaurant [Restaurant + Cafe]. Bigger lounges, elaborative menu and live atmosphere put us one step ahead of the regular restaurant. With 16 outlets across India, Coffee Culture is one of the fastest growing Cafe chains of India. The 2 outlets of Mumbai [Phoenix, Kurla and Hill Road Bandra] are the newest and the strongest additions to the list apart from Jaipur, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Surat, Vadodara, Navsari, Vapi.

And the expansion plan is not stopping here. We are opening up 5 new outlets by this year end 2017 and the goal is to reach 100+ outlets by the year 2020.

Are you already running any restaurant? If yes tell us something about it.


What kind of benefit you are providing to your team or employee.

Our Team is highly motivated with the industry’s best pay, incentives, growth, and development. Our passionate employees always contribute in the growth of a brand Coffee Culture.

How would you say ‘coffee culture’ is different from other coffee shops?

[Laughs] “For that, you have to visit Coffee Culture”

But I must say Coffee Culture has been leaving its mark in every city we are opening in. With the best of the Lounges, Thematic ambiance, Crowdsourced music, Delectable menu items, Casual service and Live atmosphere, we are giving the society what it desires and deserves. Each Coffee Culture outlet has a story and when you will visit you will also be a part of that story. And it will always give you the best of food and service wrapped in memories.