“I just wanted to easy out travelling for one and all” Mr. Yash Sharma, C.E.O of Quick Forex

At the age of 21 you started your business, what ignited the spark in you to start a new business? How did you get the idea or Concept for the Business?

My father was ill when I was in class 12th. He was advised by the doctor to get his liver transplanted. For more than 3 months we searched for a donor but when his health started getting worse my sister decided to give her liver to my father. It was the most terrible time of my life. It was then I got the thought that I should do something in life. I have always been a travel enthusiast. During my travelling days, I met a lot of people who were dedicated to planning their own start-ups. You can say that this increased my passion towards achieving this goal. As a frequent traveller, I’ve always hated the fuss for currency exchange, travel cards and waiting in long queues. I just wanted to easy out travelling for one and all. And Quick Forex was created sometime around 2015, currently is the 7th biggest forex service provider authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

What made you choose this type of Business?

I was too keen in knowing the way market works and all since Grade 9, I used to discuss the money market with my father whenever we got an opportunity. So I’d say it was a gradual process, I was made aware of the business way too early as of my age, this was beneficial for me as what people learn after getting started I already was well versed with it. All credit goes to my father, he helped me in implementing the idea too, and he is my mentor.

How do you advertise your business? What has been your most successful form of advertising?

I advertise my business on all digital platforms- Online, Digital, Social. There is no successful form of advertising. It totally depends on how you plan your moves, and Planning is important for me.
To what do you attribute your success?

I am good at handling people. I like to interact with people and like to learn whatever they can teach me. My strengths started building from school. I respect the fact that I was always supported by my family. This started becoming my strength because I was no more afraid of losing.

What have been some of your failures & what have you learned from them?

There is no failure yet which I have faced. Because problems come on the way and I know well how to deal with every problem.

If you get another chance of building your business what changes you will do now?

If I get another chance of building my business, there is nothing to change. Because if something comes in my mind, I add on the alterations. Ideas are most welcome in my business. I always prefer to include unique stuffs if somebody suggests. When an idea strucks my mind I always prefer working on it.

What is unique about your business?

From Hotels, Air Tickets, Visa, Overseas Education, Non- business financial transfers, customized Luxury Travel packages to Foreign Exchange, Quick Forex has the solution to all these services. Quick Forex is one of the few authorized dealers by the Reserve Bank of India, in India. With the vision to provide superior quality online Foreign exchange services globally; to further accentuate their keen interest in complete customer satisfaction; this platform aims at enabling its customers to obtain Foreign exchange in the quickest way and at the cheapest rates possible with its minute -to -minute update of currency rates and doorstep delivery. Sorry we do not disclose any names of associates or partners, it’s against our company policy.

What are your responsibilities as the Business owner?

With power comes great responsibility, this dialog from the Spiderman movie is the truth of life. When you’re the one holding supreme power, you have to face what comes along with it. You can’t think of having a break when there are matters to be sorted. There are so many responsibilities as a business owner I have to perform. I need to be updated with currency rates, marketing issues and if any alterations come in the law. I have to plan every single thing for my employees so that they can perform effectively. I always think of how I can deliver best to my customers. I solve each and every thing when my customer struck with a problem because they are my first responsibility.

What do you look for in an employee?

When I hire an employee, I look for his dedication and capabilities. These are the most important factors which can push you to achieve anything if you desire. These two factors are the answer of any problem. When you are struck in a problem, how creatively you think and come up from your out of the box thinking. That’s the attitude of a successful player.

Have you ever turned down any client?

Yes, there have been many instances where in the demands are so unrealistic that we’ve had no other choice than turning them down. We try giving our best but there are times when we really get helpless.

How would you define true entrepreneurship?

There is no set definition of a true entrepreneur. According to me, if you are successful in your own eye then you are a true entrepreneur.  It’s just the starting, we’re two years old. We’re establishing, getting tie ups and all, so it’s all going great.

What three pieces of advice would you like to give to someone just starting out & wants to be an entrepreneur?

Its been two and a half years since we began functioning. From getting the registrations done to compiling the team, from setting up an office to expanding further branches it has all been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve got the chance to meet and sit with a lot of senior people from related industries and have discussions of possible associations/ collaborations with national and international biggies. In this process one thing has benefitted me most of all is the networking I’ve done. Be it small or large dealers/ service providers, I’ve met each of those who are associated with QuickForex in person. It helps in building relations and getting work done quickly, efficiently and without much hassle. It all sums up it to this, keep networking and maintain relations, good relations with people who might be possible future associates.

Also staying updated with the market trends (national & international) is going to help you in a long way. Advancements in technology plays a very important role nowadays, so keep doors open to all sorts of possibilities and don’t restrict yourself in any other way.