India’s television industry is expected to expand to $16.8 billion by 2020 : NIRAV PATEL, CMD ABAJ GROUP

After the mobile handset industry now it is the turn of consumer durable industry to witness a rapid shift toward the young brands who understand the pulse of Indian consumer and offering products which are not less than any establish brand and comes within the pocket friendly pricing. Abaj is one of the debut brand in this industry which has started its journey with LED TVs and now gearing up to take on ACs and other appliances step by step. 29 years old Nirav Patel the founder and CMD spoke in length with newscore on the genesis of brand Abaj and the journey so far.

Since how long the brand is there is a market and how it started?

It’s a riveting story of success. Way back in 2012, the foundation of Abaj World was laid. Hailing from the small village of Kadi Taluka of Mehsana District of Gujarat, I graduated as BE (Electronic and communication) in the year 2011. I left the family business to walk my own path. After completing studies, I felt the need to make a name for myself outside my family owned real estate businesses. Then I decided to give the entrepreneur inside me a go and focused on starting my own business. Starting your own venture different from a family business and harder than you initially think, but interestingly enough, it gets easier as you set a vision and work on it step by step. I started with share market trading but it was not a smooth start. After bearing a loss of 50,000, I decided to switch to stock Brokerage Company by the name SMC Global, which is listed amongst top 5 franchises globally. This was not enough for me. In 2010, while working for KAYNET I came across a customer who had imported LED TV from Thailand and was struggling with two to three containers for its sales. I helped him out and managed to sell those containers. While I had done this easily I thought that I could get into this venture. Also, I had placed one of the LEDs in my own office and perceived no difference between an LG, a SAMSUNG or this product which that customer was selling under the name of Smart View. Giving it a serious thought I felt if China could establish itself as a strong player in the electronic goods market in India then why is it that our country is lagging. Why can’t an Indian brand be a game changer? I realized this lag as electronics had no base in India. The ecosystem was completely lacking. Also, there was no local manufacturing; electronic items were often being imported. Then and there I decided to step in. And this is how the seed of ABAJ WORLD was sown.

 It says the market in India is not a brand loyal market but a price sensitive market. Are you feeling the same heat and how do you plan to counter this?

India may be a price sensitive market for LEDs, but the Smart space with technological advancements is still growing. As India develops, and more people get onto the Smart LED bandwagon, this will only continue to grow. The Indian mentality of price sensitivity will always remain, and the majority will choose to stick to affordability. But this is also true that people are keener on buying bigger screens with smart features. We are working on continuous technological and design innovations, launching more consumer-friendly products has been the key to the success of the brand and this would be our primary strategy for growth in future too.

A market is highly competitive with the presence of many big and well-established names. How do you plan to The Indian television competes with these mega brands?

Well as such there are no challenges that we are facing as the market is wide open and very accommodating. We offer superior technology and design at best cheapest price scale. And, If we talk about the industry then bigger television screens have always been much sought after. With a surge in consumers’ disposable incomes, the demand for Smart Televisions has shot up, contributing around 18-20 percent to sales in India’s electronics sector. India’s television industry is expected to expand to $16.8 billion by 2020 from $9.4 billion in 2016. There is humongous demand and Abaj is all set to cover the entire spectrum.

 While OEM is the route even old established players are opting for, so does it a good decision to go for own manufacturing?

Yes, we are also starting our first manufacturing plant in India soon. The brand which has started its voyage with imports of LED TVs is geared up to set up its own state of the art manufacturing facility at Ghumasan Village, Taluka: Kadi, Dist. Mehsana (North Gujarat) to manufacture LED TVs. The proposed new plant will come up on SH41 State Highway, 50 KMs from Ahmedabad and equipped to produce 6, 00, 000 units pa of LED Televisions. In addition to LED Televisions, Abaj has also debuted in other consumer durable categories including ACs, Washing Machines and Sound System etc. The company will invest about Rs.54 crores in this plant. The company today boasts of making volumes as high as 7000-8000 units per month. And definitely, this plant will double up the capacity. The manufacturing facility is likely to be operational by July 2018. The investment in line with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative to produce energy efficient and innovative products for the Indian market. The land has been procured and by the end of first quarter of 2018-19 the first phase of the plant will be ready. In addition to building a state-of-the-art facility, we are committed to creating a world-class manufacturing ecosystem in the region, with a base of globally benchmarked vendors and suppliers, which will together generate over 100 new jobs, thereby accelerating the socio-economic progress in the state.

Kamal Rana, Managing Director, MobiOcean

Providing solutions for security and mobility under one roof is the MobiOcean app, which goes by the motto- ‘Mobility- Managed. Regulated. Secured’.  The company aims to provide mobile device management solutions and empowers the users to stay secure.

In an interview with Kamal Rana, Managing Director, MobiOcean, we got to know more about the promising startup:

Please explain the working of the MobiOcean app.

Working on MobiOcean is an easy task all you have to do is go to the website  and register. As a registered user, visit at this link and you can buy whatever you want. As per your subscription, you will be given a centralized dashboard to enroll and manage entire business’ users and operations. All your successful enrolled user will get an SMS  request of app download, all they have to do is accept and install the APP, also enrolled user can download the respective APP from the play store.

How is MobiOcean different in its arena, providing solutions and safeguarding a user’s device?

Mobiocean as an app is different because we are the only app that offers all the solutions on one platform. Any other company has only one or two solutions and for the others, you have to go to some other platform. We are a one-stop platform for every mobility managed and security services.

How many monthly active users you have?

At present we are having 5000+ active app users. We are growing day by day and we will soon reach out to masses.

Please tell us more about the revenue model.

We have two ways of revenue: one is app based including some customisation if required by the client and the other is the devices that we offer. MobiOcean provides integrated Mobility solutions with POS devices, handhelds, Biometric Tablets, Fingerprint Devices etc. Devices named as biometric tablets, PoS terminals having different values ranging from 5,000 to 40,000.

What all MobiOcean has at its disposal apart from the app? Does MobiOcean plan to get into more apps?

The company provides solutions like Solutions on Digital payments, Specific Handheld terminals used in various applications, Biometric Attendance(AEBAS/and Non-AEBAS), and eKYC solutions integrated with Aadhaar System for small, medium, and large size businesses. The solutions can be integrated with existing ERP systems seamlessly.

What is MobiOcean’s roadmap in India? Does MobiOcean plan to serve global clients?

We intend to reach to Market primarily thru Digital means, media, and Strong Channel partners. We are establishing ourselves nationally and globally.

What do you have to say about the app market in India? Please comment.

Mobility is something which is indispensable for the growth of any business.  Mobiocean Platform offers basic business operations in a highly efficient and easy way which is required in all business functions on day to day basis like attendance of Field staff, Movement management, Security of data, regulation, and management of company-owned devices, etc. We see as next era for B2B space enabling smallest players may be the small taxi company or even the dhabawala to enable themselves technically and can offer same experiences like Bigger players like OLA, UBER or Foodpanda and similar companies offers.



“More the competition the better the business gets” Ms. Rutika Malaviya, Founder CEO of Rooh Entertainment

You were shy and introvert so what has transformed you to become an extremely bold and confident personality.

The transition took place when I started my venture Rooh Entertainment, Initially, it was an easy task to interact with old clients as they always knew me… but when the team size and operational costs increase you are forced to look beyond the contacts you already have. I had extremely hard time to conversate with people in networking events or meet-ups and often would stand alone at the corner of the room dreading, however, one fine day I realized it was enough and started reading few self-help books to overcome these challenges. Few of my business associates helped me out… and now I have been doing public speaking in few of our largely followed licensing shows in USA, South Korea, Hong-Kong, London addressing the crowd of 500’s and above about entering the Indian market, the scope the growth opportunities to being a moderator in various licensing events questioning the panels on licensing & merchandising business… looking back it never seemed the old me could have ever done that possible!

To be an entrepreneur was your childhood dream. Ever had an alternate career plan?

No. I never had an alternate career plan. Coming from a business family – I always wanted to do business since childhood. Since childhood, I have only one dream – to be a successful entrepreneur & do something good for the people.

Tell us about your venture “Rooh Entertainment”

I started my own venture Rooh Entertainment, when I was 22years old, in the year 2010. We all need a firm Sense of Identity! Rooh Entertainment believes that everyone living has a varied Sense of Identity especially when it comes to a brand. Thus, having its own Sense of Identity becomes the essential part of any business to run, grow & survive on this competitive edge. We at Rooh Entertainment aim to focus on this by creative’s, marketing strategies and PR communications that help our clients make their mark in their respective industries and creating its own Sense of Identity. We provide Advertising Solutions like Creative Designing, Advertising & Branding Solutions, Brand Licensing & Brand Extensions, Public Relations (PR), Media Buying-Media Planning & Digital Marketing that is well described under ATL, BTL, Brand & Corporate Identity & Retail Identity verticals. Rooh Entertainment also supports the client with Bollywood & Television Artists – Celebrity Endorsements, Appearances, or for TVC Shoots. It has Rooh Entertainment has grown heaps and bounds with two of its in-house digital publication – Animation Digital Digest & Licensing Corner.

What all things you handle in licensing business?

Rooh Licensing helps in collaborating with brands and licensees to drive around the strategic licensing partnership and mark growth with the new business avenue created. Today we represent/provide consultancy to brands and facilitate brand representation and extensions. With our extensive connections, we offer a bespoke Opportunities service for licensing opportunities around the world & specifically Indian Market. It also provides consultancy services to corporations looking to maximize their IP potential. Recently we successfully organized ‘The Brand India Licensing Summit 2017′ the high-level executive conference which saw the participation of who’s who from the brand and merchandising world. Next year summit will facilitate women entrepreneurs in the licensing field throughout India. We aim to acknowledge the young and emerging licensing executives who are making their marks by conceptualizing innovative ideas.

What was your business original mission? How has that mission evolved in the time since? 

Our mission is to bring growth to the industry so that it can make itself stand in the competitive global market. We do this as a media for animation & licensing industry so that we can understand each vertical with an unbiased eye bridging the gap of outsourcing work, IP creation & selling the content, Revenue Generation, Licensing & Merchandising. By organizing ‘The Brand India Licensing Summit 2017′ we have put up our leg to unified industrial bodies with a sole purpose of strengthening the licensing industry and bringing them at a platform through the summit.

Do you have any major competitors? How do you plan to compete with them?

Every business has a competitor and I am never scared of one. In fact, I rather believe, more the competition the better the business gets. As the market opens you get lot more opportunities flow to you.

How do you facilitate a positive work environment that attracts & retains talent?

We follow an open work culture where we go to picnics, hangouts and celebrates all festivals at our office. This Ganesh Festival we welcomed Bappa and all staff took part to decorate the office and all spiritual activities we had organized. All enjoyed homemade food which was made by my mother. In Navratri, we followed the color scheme. The festival of Diwali saw colorful Rangoli made by the staff. I treat my staff during all festivals, and whenever possible we eat together.

Entrepreneurs are a job creator but in any economy, we have the majority of job seekers. What would you like to say as an entrepreneur?

True that our economy has more job seekers rather than entrepreneurs. Finding a right kind of job is tricky and time-consuming. Even if you acquire a right job, after working in the position if you did not get what you had dreamt of. Then I must say that it’s always better to follow your heart and start something of your own with a passion and hard work. I guess many millennials have now begin to understand that as a result of which we are seeing a new start-up culture wave in Indian Economy!

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur?

Every day is learning the process for an entrepreneur. I’m only as new as today. I don’t think there is anything I wished I had known earlier.

What do you consider your biggest weakness?

Whenever I used to meet the clients personally, they misinterpret me with my young age. This has been a major strength & weakness because clients are always skeptical before agreeing to finalize any deal with me. But whenever they see the planning & execution behind any of our project, they were the first one who would raise their eyeballs in an astonishment and appreciation!

Did you ever deal with contention from your family concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits?

I have come from a conservative family. Even though my parents have always been supportive of my business. In 2014 when I was at the age of 26, met up with an accident, while traveling from the train. I was survived with heavy injuries on my hips and legs which made me to take complete bed rest for six months. I was in a wheelchair for one year. While I was going through body checkup I discovered with Avascular Necrosis. Avascular Necrosis is the death of bone tissue due to interruption of the blood supply. Early on there may be no symptoms. Gradually joint pain may develop which may limit the ability to move and resulted in complication such as a collapse of the bone or nearby joint surface. When we learned about the disease my one hip was at stage 3 and another was at stage 4 which is non-curable. We were shocked when my Doctor said I would be in the wheelchair for the lifetime!  Avascular Necrosis is very rare and non-curable disease. Indian Doctors doesn’t know how to deal with this disease. I received lots of setbacks since childhood, in terms of health which affected my daily routine like Asthma and cornea transplant and now the AVN. This resulted in my family opposing me to continue my entrepreneurial journey.

Having said so, I got inclined towards spirituality, and read many self-help books, power of sub-conscious mind etc and found my solace in meditation which gave me immense strength and positivity to cope with AVN and have an active lifestyle. Today I live day-to-day life to the fullest even though I have constant pain, my work and routine doesn’t hamper because of that. My family is very happy to notice the optimistic change within me which has them to now support my entrepreneur journey. Now my father supports me by heading finance department of Rooh Entertainment.

What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others?

Leadership: Leadership can be developed if the person gets an opportunity to explore new avenues over a period of time. To be a good leader one has to back by the strong team and efficient teamwork.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship doesn’t need a degree or any kind of qualifications. It’s a trait/skill that you own it to be successful. Challenges are a test to check person capabilities.

Mentoring: I never had a mentor in my life, which I always felt I lacked when it comes to taking some complex decision. Hence I aspire to inspire others with the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years, sharing the guidance and positivity to achieve their dreams.

You are an inspirational figure for many startups. Can you recommend some of your success strategies?Ans: Dreams come true only when you hustle. So keep on hustling. Don’t give up.


“It is hard to believe that hardly 5% of the average population understands Coffee” Gaurave Narang, Founder of Coffee Culture

How did you get the idea to go for the coffee shop?

Coffee Culture is a ristorante Coffee Lounge. I was born in Surat and I observed the city was actually in need to have its own hang out place with a delectable food and live ambiance. An idea of developing a Coffee brand with a unique café experience came in the existence in the year 2003. It took almost a year of work to come up with this first outlet of “Coffee Culture” in Surat and it was warmly welcomed by the city.

For how long you have been in the food industry?

I have demonstrated the history of working in the food & beverages industry for almost 14 years and 7 years of hands-on Coffee Shop & Quick Service management experience. Though I believe there are so much more avenues to explore yet. Since last 14 years, I have been just learning the different aspects of F&B Industry and I try to implement it in the Coffee Culture Outlets.

What pitfalls did you encounter while establishing this business?

We have had encounter many obstacles while establishing Coffee Culture. Maximum of them I don’t even remember. I must say whenever you are looking to bring change to establish in the community, you need to be ready for pitfalls. What makes difference is how you get up and bounce back. As our name suggests, Coffee Culture is all about developing the culture, hence required lot many efforts and determination.

What kind of coffee beans are you using?

The Coffee at Coffee Culture is a result of our own secret blend. For that, we use the High-quality Arabica Beans that gives the perfect aroma and perfect taste at each of the outlets across India.

Are you cultivating your own coffee shades or you taking from other industries?

We do get our own beans as per our specification from the estates of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The beans are cultivated in 100% organic procedure and consists the richness of the best Arabica beans.

Along with coffee what are your sub products for sale?

As I mentioned earlier we are not just a cafe but a ristorante Coffee Lounge.

We have a quite well-developed menu which serves a good range of assorted Coffees, along with mocktails, non-alcoholic shots as a beverage and a huge menu for food as well which consists of all-day breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas, Sizzlers and much more. And yes some assorted options in desserts too.

This field is challenging as there are many coffee shops, so what different you are providing to your customers.

We at Coffee Culture guarantees you to satisfy your taste buds with the unique variety of delectable, decorated cozy sitting arrangements.

We are not part of any competition. We believe that we have competition with oneself only. The very feeling of competing with oneself keeps us motivated to do unique things in business. Coffee Culture has always believed in making a mark with a unique menu, live ambiance, and casual service environment.

Nowadays coffee is liked by all but still with your view what age groups you are expecting and why?

It is hard to believe that hardly 5 % of the average population understands Coffee. But the ratio is increasing with the Coffee outlets. With different variants in the menu, we have a coffee for everyone. But yes youth tries all so CC is heaven for such young coffee lovers.

Are you planning for a restaurant?

We are already a Restaurant [Restaurant + Cafe]. Bigger lounges, elaborative menu and live atmosphere put us one step ahead of the regular restaurant. With 16 outlets across India, Coffee Culture is one of the fastest growing Cafe chains of India. The 2 outlets of Mumbai [Phoenix, Kurla and Hill Road Bandra] are the newest and the strongest additions to the list apart from Jaipur, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Surat, Vadodara, Navsari, Vapi.

And the expansion plan is not stopping here. We are opening up 5 new outlets by this year end 2017 and the goal is to reach 100+ outlets by the year 2020.

Are you already running any restaurant? If yes tell us something about it.


What kind of benefit you are providing to your team or employee.

Our Team is highly motivated with the industry’s best pay, incentives, growth, and development. Our passionate employees always contribute in the growth of a brand Coffee Culture.

How would you say ‘coffee culture’ is different from other coffee shops?

[Laughs] “For that, you have to visit Coffee Culture”

But I must say Coffee Culture has been leaving its mark in every city we are opening in. With the best of the Lounges, Thematic ambiance, Crowdsourced music, Delectable menu items, Casual service and Live atmosphere, we are giving the society what it desires and deserves. Each Coffee Culture outlet has a story and when you will visit you will also be a part of that story. And it will always give you the best of food and service wrapped in memories.




“We have come out with the Kitchen appliances which will make cooking easy & healthy” Mahesh Gupta, Kent RO

The leading water purifier company Kent RO has recently launched its first experience centre in DLF Mall of India, Noida. We spoke to Mahesh Gupta, Chairman of Kent RO Systems Ltd about their newly launched plan.

What is your motive behind the concept of Experience stores?

We have come out and launched many appliances that are innovative in nature like smart chef cooking appliances.  Now these products are not stopped by the Normal retailers. They will like to give you samples because they can’t keep all the product range with themselves.  They may display you around 20 items there. So we thought let’s have such experience centres in such a location where people can come and experience the products physically and understand the products as well.

How much investment per store you are planning to put in expanding your experience?

They will come in the rented premises or to franchise model. At the moment we have rented on the company and have put all the investment. At that time our investment would be 20 lakhs per stores. And some would come where the franchisee would invest equally and we will only supplying the products for sales. And then the investment from the company side is expected to be 10 lakhs and the balance would be put up by the franchisee.

What would be your revenue from online and offline sales?

I am not looking at revenue from the stores directly I want to target the customers. The idea behind this is to reach large number of people so that they can come to the stores and experience the various appliances. So we are expecting from each stores to reach to at least 200 people to come and experience in a month. So that’s a very small average of 7 to 8 people coming Delhi and experiencing our products. Our aim is just to give experience to a customer that’s why we have named it ‘Experience Centre’.

What changes are there in the consumer buying behavior of water purifier?

Well the consumer has become more aware about the quality of water.  As the water quality is going down and it requires better quality and they have been confessing that they need water which is free of dissolved impurities. People have started understanding this. So that’s a good sign.

Have you experienced any unusual questions from consumers on water purifier?

Today People are on the internet and they have read many things online only. They are knowledgeable now. We have to be ethical and we need to tell them what it is.

How the smaller cities (tier 2 tier3) are responding? 

They all are responding. If you go to tier 3 cities you can see the problem of water quality that it is further bad because they do not have any processing capacity. They need to depend only on the board well water. Only problem is that they do not have too much of money to buy. The quality of water in poor cities is bad so the demand does come from there as well.

What are the new products that Kent has entered over the last one year?

We have come out with the Kitchen appliances from which it is easy to cook food; a healthy food. For example we have come out with a noodle maker which can make noodles at home. We have also come out with the appliances which can make Atta dough and can also make bread. This is something useful to make healthy Atta. For which you don’t have to do it by hand. Other than these appliances are rice cooker and Turbo Blender.

How big is the branded market size?

I am not looking at the market size. I am looking more at introducing this new segment and slowly the market will be created.

How much are you planning to spend on advertising?

We will be spending at least 10 crores in these appliances.

What was the trigger for diversification Brand Kent into small kitchen appliances?

We are into space of health and we are working to give pure water through water purifier. We have come up with the appliances that will help in cooking healthy food. So health is our main priority.

We can see many national players have forayed into small kitchen appliances; the existing ones too have become very aggressive. You being a late entrant do you see this as a disadvantage? Do you see competition in it?

I have not come into appliances which are commonly manufactured by the manufacturer. My appliances are totally innovative and totally different. None of my product is competing with anyone except rice cooker.

What edge do you have over your rivals?

I don’t have any because there is no one else who is making noodle maker or washing vegetable appliances.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for yourself in this market?

Challenge is educating the consumer, unless you devastate them they don’t come to the shop to buy. And when they come to the shop we have to convince them to see the product and then they decide. So these are my challenges.

And for opportunity I can say we are beginners, we are the first people to come up with these appliances. These are beneficial for every home. In the long term it is opportunity for us.

Any other comment that you would like to make

I’d like to inform consumers about the new products that have come in and how it will benefit them. I am looking at how to help people by making cooking easier and healthier.


Ayurveda differentiates itself from the contemporary medicines: Ayurvedic Dr Ravisha

Why did u decide to become an Ayuvedic Doctor? What inspired you to research and learn about Ayurveda?

When I joined Ayurveda School; I was one among the regularly educated student in the contemporary style of teaching, learning science, maths, English who knew very negligible amount of information about Ayurveda and Vedas.  When i got an opportunity become a Ayurveda doctor I thought that i have to become a good doctor who can make difference to the world. I did not know the fact that I had to learn world’s oldest language (Sanskrit) which is very ancient and my entire curriculum will be based on this language only.

On the first day of the medical school all of the students were presented with a book called “Tridosha Theory”, although I was not completely successful in understanding the contents of the book in the initial months but I was fascinated by the relevance of Tridosha in our day to day life but always felt that the information provided to understand the concept is very less and thus made a voracious knowledge seeker with regards to Tirdosha and their functioning. This took me to many books of Ayurveda; at first a read a lot of translations of the original Sanskrit books but always found that the representation of knowledge is too personal and limited to certain level of perception by the individual who had written the book. The hunger to know what is Tridosha is made up of and how does it functions led me to read ancient Sanskrit textbooks, soon I was able to comprehend certain important features of Tridosha and what makes them behave like that; but I soon realised that; there was a lot more to know about Tridosha.

While learning about Tridoshas I encountered fascinating details about disease and how were they classified in the ancient times; to give a perspective the classification is nothing short of an international classification diseases what we have today or rather slightly more developed than what we can comprehend with today’s knowledge background. This magnanimity of the knowledge of Ayurveda made me to become a lifelong knowledge seeker.

Meanwhile five and half years had passed and I was ready to start my practice as a Ayurveda Doctor; even now I felt I haven’t completely understood the Tridoshas and have scope for establishing the scientific background on the subject.

How difficult it was to study in a different language (Sanskrit)?

I feel; I have been fortunate to learn Sanskrit in my medical school; I have to sincerely thank my teachers who were kind enough to introduce me to the age old Sanskrit textbooks. Learning from Sanskrit textbooks which were written 5000 years before is challenge in itself because of the language style and vocabulary used. I had to learn Tantrayukti (methodology of writing a scientific book) how the book itself is organised to get the complete information on a subject.

The concepts at first felt as if they are randomly talked about in the book, interesting part was when it was mentioned why certain topics have been dealt first and the reason for placing a concept in succession was described at the start and end of the chapters.

You have researched century’s old Ayurveda textbooks as well as the modern medical knowledge. How is Ayurveda different from modern therapy?

Ayurveda textbooks are very different from the current medical books; all the medical information is summarised in lesser counts of words as possible and the contexts are very well connected; thus it makes it necessary to understand unique principles of Ayurveda science so that the textual material is understood to the fullest extent. All the descriptions, illustrations are textual with absolutely no pictorial representation of the subject, whereas the current medical textbooks rely on illustrations and graphical representation; such that the context is explained appropriately.

Coming to the difference between the modern medical and Ayurveda therapies; the difference lies at the approach through which both the sciences perceive the world and how they try to manipulate the natural forces. In Ayurveda naturally occurring substances are used with very less modification or modifications are made so that the toxicity of the substance is nullified, however the approach is strongly cemented on the basis of modular biology adopted by Ayurevda called 3 dosha, 7 dhathu, 3 mala, 3 upasthambha. Health is the resultant of 16 modular biological processes working in harmony; say suppose there is a  shift in the equilibrium between the 16 modular processes; it results in ill health of a system, Not all systems are the same and are similarly affected by the same kind and magnitude of stimulus.

Modern medical textbooks help us to understand the age old medical textbooks in the todays language and perspective; the only difference between the Ayurveda and Modern Medical Science is the approach taken. In both the ways; nature is being analysed, Modern medicine has chosen the reductionist approach where complex things are broken into tiny functional components which determine the fate of the system.  Here; there are lot of variables and processes involved but Ayurveda’s approach is somewhat advanced it uses the “Modular” approach. Modular biology is relatively new to scientific world and it requires a lot more works under the subject. The modular approach is what makes Auyrveda effective.

How is diagnosis done in Ayurveda?

Nearly about 20 variables are examined before arriving to a diagnosis in Ayurveda. Primarily diagnosis is base on the signs and symptoms for each and every disease; tests and imaging machines are also used by Ayurveda doctors nowadays to arrive at a concrete diagnosis.

Thanks to newer research such as Ayugenomics which has paved ways for new type of Ayurveda diagnosis. As told above Diagnosis in Ayurveda primarily relies on signs and symptoms; these signs and symptoms are very defined and categorised so that the system can be effectively used. To give an example: Ayurveda diagnostics guidelines are based on how the modular biology gets affected by stimulus (both external and internal), these modules respond to the stimulus in various ways and these various ways are vividly described without ambiguity.

The process of disease (pathogenesis) is vividly described which one does not find it contemporary approach. The disease can be indentified even before it occurs with help of such guidelines.

Tell us about the treatments that you treat.

To name a few; I treat PCOD, Avascular Necrosis, Psoriasis, Stroke/Paralysis, Gastro-Intestinal conditions. I have found good success in treating various chronic conditions which are very difficult to treat in other approaches; there are instances where Ayurveda treatments have aided in avoiding the necessity of surgeries; the recovery rate is also faster with no relapses of the condition.

Where do raw materials for Manufacturing Ayurveda medicines come from?

Raw materials come from herb collectors and some contract framers who sell it to the stockists, these stockists in turn sell it to manufacturers and individuals who make Ayurveda medicines. There are companies who have their own herb gardens for the purpose of manufacturing quality organic medicines.

How are Ayurveda medicines marketed?

Ayurveda medicines are marketed via various media; prominent ones are print media like newspaper and magazines, online through e-commerce websites, and some through good old fashion of references (doctors/friends). The exports of Ayurveda medicines is increasing year on year from the last two decades; with some ambitious companies like Patanjali Ayurveda, Dhoothpapeshwar in the market has brought various Ayurveda medicines to the domestic market.

Why one should go for Ayurveda instead of other system of medicines?

Two genres of people can choose Ayurveda for them

(a) One who is interested to stay healthy (both Internally & Externally) from the pollutants

(b) One who have chronic medical conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure, PCOD/S, Stroke rehabilitation, Heart Diseases, Gastro-intestinal conditions, Psoriasis, Rosacea etc,.

Are Ayurveda medicines free of side effects?

Natural compounds are far safer than synthetic ones with less or very low untoward effects; whole herb is generally less toxic than the extract or isolated compound from the herb itself, Ayurveda medicines should judiciously used to avoid unnecessary loading herbs into the body, it is better consult a doctor before considering any herbs intake.

How is Ayurveda different from modern medicine?

Health is considered as dynamic condition which is affected by environment and food and medicines which one takes, these 3 things act as stimulus to the dynamic system and equilibrium shifts based on the stimulus. If the stimulus is conducive to the system then the equilibrium stays normal and if the stimulus is not conducive to the system then the equilibrium shifts which can affect the body in adverse ways.

Ayurveda differentiates itself from the contemporary medicines through its approach it takes; there are 3 concepts which are crucial to the approach (1) health is dependent on a system which is in equilibrium at its best (2) Not all system (individual) is same; each and every person is identified by certain unique features and treated accordingly (3) Environment (both external and internal) are crucial in determining the fate of the system; external environment refers to weather and seasons, internal environment refers to the condition resulting from intake of food and medicines.

Can Ayurveda be practised at home or does one have to seek guidance?

It is very important to seek guidance before using any herb or Ayurveda medicine so that the system (body) is not confused by unnecessary information. Repeated misuse of herb or Ayurveda medicine can cause variations in health, thus it is important to seek guidance and then use the herbs or Ayurveda medicine

What should be done to make people aware about Ayurveda treatments?

Ayurveda treatments are very gentle and effective in many medical conditions; significance of Ayurveda principles have to publicized so that everyone understand how they can utilize Ayurveda for better health. Public have to know more about the treatments for trivial to serious medical conditions. Case studies and scientific research has to be encouraged so that newer problems can be solved easily. It is a good sign that Ayurveda has got good thrust in the last two decades especially during the last 4 years in India; with governments putting the indigenous medical system is very promising for the growth and development of Ayurveda.

What are your top tips for living a healthy and balanced life.

  • Create an environment which is conducive for health (free from pollutants); choose right associations or friends
  • Eat right kind of food and combinations
  • Seek advice of doctors; they know better
  • Health is dependent on seasons as well; seasonal detox and diet
  • Use organic products

“I just wanted to easy out travelling for one and all” Mr. Yash Sharma, C.E.O of Quick Forex

At the age of 21 you started your business, what ignited the spark in you to start a new business? How did you get the idea or Concept for the Business?

My father was ill when I was in class 12th. He was advised by the doctor to get his liver transplanted. For more than 3 months we searched for a donor but when his health started getting worse my sister decided to give her liver to my father. It was the most terrible time of my life. It was then I got the thought that I should do something in life. I have always been a travel enthusiast. During my travelling days, I met a lot of people who were dedicated to planning their own start-ups. You can say that this increased my passion towards achieving this goal. As a frequent traveller, I’ve always hated the fuss for currency exchange, travel cards and waiting in long queues. I just wanted to easy out travelling for one and all. And Quick Forex was created sometime around 2015, currently is the 7th biggest forex service provider authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

What made you choose this type of Business?

I was too keen in knowing the way market works and all since Grade 9, I used to discuss the money market with my father whenever we got an opportunity. So I’d say it was a gradual process, I was made aware of the business way too early as of my age, this was beneficial for me as what people learn after getting started I already was well versed with it. All credit goes to my father, he helped me in implementing the idea too, and he is my mentor.

How do you advertise your business? What has been your most successful form of advertising?

I advertise my business on all digital platforms- Online, Digital, Social. There is no successful form of advertising. It totally depends on how you plan your moves, and Planning is important for me.
To what do you attribute your success?

I am good at handling people. I like to interact with people and like to learn whatever they can teach me. My strengths started building from school. I respect the fact that I was always supported by my family. This started becoming my strength because I was no more afraid of losing.

What have been some of your failures & what have you learned from them?

There is no failure yet which I have faced. Because problems come on the way and I know well how to deal with every problem.

If you get another chance of building your business what changes you will do now?

If I get another chance of building my business, there is nothing to change. Because if something comes in my mind, I add on the alterations. Ideas are most welcome in my business. I always prefer to include unique stuffs if somebody suggests. When an idea strucks my mind I always prefer working on it.

What is unique about your business?

From Hotels, Air Tickets, Visa, Overseas Education, Non- business financial transfers, customized Luxury Travel packages to Foreign Exchange, Quick Forex has the solution to all these services. Quick Forex is one of the few authorized dealers by the Reserve Bank of India, in India. With the vision to provide superior quality online Foreign exchange services globally; to further accentuate their keen interest in complete customer satisfaction; this platform aims at enabling its customers to obtain Foreign exchange in the quickest way and at the cheapest rates possible with its minute -to -minute update of currency rates and doorstep delivery. Sorry we do not disclose any names of associates or partners, it’s against our company policy.

What are your responsibilities as the Business owner?

With power comes great responsibility, this dialog from the Spiderman movie is the truth of life. When you’re the one holding supreme power, you have to face what comes along with it. You can’t think of having a break when there are matters to be sorted. There are so many responsibilities as a business owner I have to perform. I need to be updated with currency rates, marketing issues and if any alterations come in the law. I have to plan every single thing for my employees so that they can perform effectively. I always think of how I can deliver best to my customers. I solve each and every thing when my customer struck with a problem because they are my first responsibility.

What do you look for in an employee?

When I hire an employee, I look for his dedication and capabilities. These are the most important factors which can push you to achieve anything if you desire. These two factors are the answer of any problem. When you are struck in a problem, how creatively you think and come up from your out of the box thinking. That’s the attitude of a successful player.

Have you ever turned down any client?

Yes, there have been many instances where in the demands are so unrealistic that we’ve had no other choice than turning them down. We try giving our best but there are times when we really get helpless.

How would you define true entrepreneurship?

There is no set definition of a true entrepreneur. According to me, if you are successful in your own eye then you are a true entrepreneur.  It’s just the starting, we’re two years old. We’re establishing, getting tie ups and all, so it’s all going great.

What three pieces of advice would you like to give to someone just starting out & wants to be an entrepreneur?

Its been two and a half years since we began functioning. From getting the registrations done to compiling the team, from setting up an office to expanding further branches it has all been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve got the chance to meet and sit with a lot of senior people from related industries and have discussions of possible associations/ collaborations with national and international biggies. In this process one thing has benefitted me most of all is the networking I’ve done. Be it small or large dealers/ service providers, I’ve met each of those who are associated with QuickForex in person. It helps in building relations and getting work done quickly, efficiently and without much hassle. It all sums up it to this, keep networking and maintain relations, good relations with people who might be possible future associates.

Also staying updated with the market trends (national & international) is going to help you in a long way. Advancements in technology plays a very important role nowadays, so keep doors open to all sorts of possibilities and don’t restrict yourself in any other way.


“Classical songs are a treasure that we have” says Singer Runki Goswami

Tell me about your Journey from singing on school to live performances.

I have been in music since my childhood. So I have learned music from my Grandmother. Then I also took music lessons from my Dad. My entire family is in music. I was naturally brought into music. That’s how it was started. From then and until now I have keenly following music. That’s how I manage and only thing is that I am giving it on stage, I have performed in radio, in person and all. So I am the only one in the family who has taken it professionally.

So your father would be your early musical influences. To whom you would give credit for your musical journey.

That’s a difficult question to answer. I could say entire family because there is no one particular person. What I mean is that my entire family members are in music my grandfather, my grandmother and my father also plays violin, Tabla and all.

I have heard your song “Teen Maar Beatulakki” and I fell in love with your voice. For those who haven’t heard your music before, how would you best describe it?

It’s more into melody side because there are music like jazz, hard rock and all. For me music is what touches the soul. So, I kept it more on melody side. It’s a genre of melody. That’s how I would define my music in voice.

What can be your deadliest fear in life?

No, nothing. Actually I haven’t thought about it. But I can say that fear of losing loved one could be one fear.

You have performed many stage shows. How was the crowd at each place?

Crowd everywhere I have got good because whatever concepts I have were children population. The concepts are more liked by first age class people because there are legendary singers and the new generation wouldn’t have heard her. I have given tribute; I have sung ghazals of Farida Khan.  Crowds that I have got are always the people who have missed these things. They need that kind of music, they love music, they want somebody to come up and revive those kinds of songs. Even when I give performance on Indian folk. The audiences have said that they were glad that you are doing these kinds of things that nobody does it. This is the kind of audience that I got. All were really good.

Do you write your own music? What inspires you to write?

Sometime yes on the personal I have albums like “Manmarzian” n all that is all written by me.

There is no inspirational thing. I look for things in daily life the things which people can understand and can relate to. So I write in some way so that one can enjoy. It is one feeling through which you can emote out. That’s what I like to write.

What do you think about the impact of Bollywood music over regional music?

Bollywood music has always influenced regional music and regional music has also influenced Bollywood music. It’s like a two way approach. If you listen to Amit Trivedi. They are all inspired by regional folks.

Bollywood music contributes and brings a lot of awareness about regional folk. In old Hindi movies there also you will see folk songs like “Daiya re daiya chadh gyo papi bichhua”. Even that has a folk kind musical touch or folk touch. So you can see that not now Bollywood has always taken inspiration from regional musical folk which is good because through this bollywood makes us aware that this kind of  songs is from which region, that kind of song is from pahadi region. From this people get educated about regional folk. For

For example in my folk music show my reference point was Bollywood that what kinds of folk songs have been used in Bollywood Hindi movies which were hit. So that was a reference point for me. So I think it’s an awareness which is good.

Are you planning any fusion between Bollywood singing and classical singing?

The fusion is already happened. In my Hindi album which is ‘Manmarzian”, it showed how classical is used in that singing. Most of the song now you see by new singers is a mix of western instruments in Indian classical singing. There is a fusion already.

Do you think classical forms of music suffer as today’s generation is more into hip hop or some rap songs?

No it does not suffer; you can see there is an addiction even in the younger generation who are into classical music. It doesn’t suffer on the contrary people are becoming more and more aware that this is a treasure that we have.

New generation is becoming aware, they trying to retain it, they trying to practice it. They are still holding on to Indian classical so there is nothing to worry that Indian classical will die of. Another section of the society who are into western, jazz n all I think there is a good balance between the both.

According to you what should be done to promote folk music in India?

Folk music is more of public performances, writing about it, keeping more people aware about it. I would also encourage the national platform like Doordarshan, All India radio or some channels and I want upcoming artists to be flag bearers and I want them to promote. I would like to request program which are based on Indian folk so that people get more and more aware about it.

You are doing a job in a multinational company, how do you manage singing as it requires complete dedication?

I think it’s a time you learn how to balance it out. I am lucky enough to work with people in music that is influence and all. I am lucky to have a crew that have understood that I am working also for MNC and they helped me in balancing out. Like during my recording schedule they used to call me in the evening because they knew that in the morning I would not be able to come. And it’s up to people like me who are handling so many things they should know how to balance it out.

Were your colleagues supportive to you?

Yes, everybody has been very supportive to me all the time.

Any message to our current generation?

I would like to say have passion. Keep urself separate from normal regular work as work is needed but passion is needed too to survive as well just not given to the requirements of materialistic life and live by.

So have a passion, follow it and learn to balance it.



Radhika Gupta, Lawyer as well as an Artist

A solo art exhibition of artistic works featuring Radhika Gupta “FEELS” was inaugurated by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, the Hon’ble Minister of Culture, Environment, Forest and Climate Change at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 22nd September.

“FEELS” is a compilation of her various creations over the last 15 years representing her journey and evolution.  Apart from being a successful lawyer, she has a strong artistic streak in her.

“Personally I would like to defy classification and bridge the gap between high and the low art. All my work is very special and close to my heart and I like to play around with ideas of taste, pleasure and celebrity” says Radhika Gupta.

I have seen all of your paintings, which one is your favourite on behalf of giving message?

All of my paintings give different messages but I like RiRi the most. It is based on Rihana and I am driven and motivated by her strong energies. I love RiRi her talent, her music and all that she embodies. Her works are inspired by the spirit of female empowerment. And I’m a feminist. And what I think is Rihana is the most beautiful women in the world. The message is simple that you should be fearless from all the things.

As an artist what do you think needs to be done in order to reach out to more people?

If we organize much more exhibitions like this it will be helpful in reaching out to more and more people.

You are a Lawyer and an Artist too, so what’s the story behind you becoming an Artist?

I was keenly interested in art from an early age and all the credit goes to my mother and Dad for allowing me to do what I want to. They supported me in my every crazy idea.

How would you describe your journey so far?

The journey was quite exciting from RiRi which is on female empowerment, “Travel”, “Kayle” which is related to fashion and inspiration, “Love” and “Transformation” to “New Yorker” which is my latest work. All these paintings of mine are heavily inspired by the spirit of women empowerment.

Any favourite Artist you follow? What inspires your style of Design & Paintings?

Yes I do follow Basquiat, his thought-provoking work ablaze with political and social consciousness and Murakami’s and Koon’s pop art which is full of fun and bright colors and very much a part of the modern day pop culture. With the thought of being fearless and motivated to explore things, my mind is constantly transforming and changing. I draw my inspiration from travel. I get inspired by everything I see and feel. And at last I just follow my interests and focus on them.

I have heard that proceeds from this exhibition will be donated. Is that true?

Yes. Of course we have decided that all the proceeds from this exhibition will be given for charity to the Child Welfare and Education.

Any message you want to give to Budding Artist?

I can’t say much coz I am too a budding artist. This is my first solo exhibition from which I would like to defy classification and bridge the gap between high and the low art. All my work is very special and close to my heart and I like to play around with ideas of taste, pleasure and celebrity.


Mr. Rajeev Kapur, MD Steelbird Helmet

Steelbird Hi-Tech India is a leading helmet brand for more than decades. Recently Steelbird Entertainment along with Sangam Kala Group organized the most popular“37th Surtarang”- National Singing Talent Hunt, in the memory of immortal singer Master Madan. We have spoken to MD of Steel bird  Helmet Rajeev Kapur about this and much more things.

Being the sponsor of Sangam Kala Group, will you give some kind of platform to the one who will win the competition?

Definitely yes, all the 18 children who have reached the Finale are budding singers and we will be cheering them with helmets from our side. Plus we will make and launch the video & cover version of all the 18 participants to boost their career.

Where did you get the inspiration for your recently launched song “Pyaar”?

We just try to work on lyrics of songs. Those we like, we polish them, we shoot videos on them. Lyrics are the main thing in any song which makes it super hit among the listeners.

Who decides the location for the shootings?

We have our video directors who look for the location which will best suit the song.

Are there any personal preferences for deciding the place of shooting?

Nothing like that we go with the theme of the song and sometimes wherever we find a good location we choose it for shooting. We have shot at different places like Dubai, Ukraine.

Along with handling a conglomerate of 13 companies & over 3000 staff you are launching your songs one after one. One is professional & other is totally different from it. How you manage your time in handling both the things.

It’s all about taking out time for the things you have passion for. One always try to do the things they are passionate about. Singing is my passion and handling business of Steelbird Helmet is also my passion. So I am taking out time for both the things.

Being an industrialist you have done the things of your passion. Do you want to give any messages to our current generations?

I will say only one thing to this generation to love the work you do and dream about the things you want to achieve and try not to stop until those dreams come true. If a person doesn’t dream of his work, he will not be able to achieve success.