GoZero Mobility- British Electric Bike makers, which manufactures premium electric performance bikes and signature lifestyle merchandise having its operations base in Kolkata today announced its pan India expansion. It has outlined 3-pronged expansion approach – 18 experience centres, 80 channel partners targeting 1000+ retailers and online sales to expand its retail network in the next couple of years.

According to Ankit Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, GoZero Mobility, “E-bikes industry has a huge potential in India with the Government emphasising on electric mobility. Also, the people here are becoming more health conscious and opting for electric bikes. We have taken our own time to understand the market and devise the best offerings for our consumers and channel partners. We wish to give them the best in the industry. We have received an overwhelming response throughout the country with over 350 applicants for channel partnership & franchise network experience centres.” By 2021, GoZero Mobility plans to have 18 experience centres across the country. These centres will be franchise owned and franchise operated. The experience centres will have retail centre for electric bikes, merchandise and accessories, after sales desk and test drive enabled.  For any online orders from the respective area, these centres would also act as fulfillment centres. In the next couple of years, GoZero Mobility is planning to have 80 channel partners. Primarily, these channel partners would be distributors who will be tapping the market through their retail network of 1000 + retailers. Recently, GoZero Mobility has launched two of its flagship products “One” and “Mile” performance e-bikes in New Delhi. GoZero One priced at Rs. 32,999, powered with 400Wh lithium EnerDrive battery pack which is optimized to provide 60 Kms of range on single charge.  GoZero Mile priced at Rs. 29,999 is powered with 300Wh lithium EnerDrive battery pack which provides 45 kms range. Both are specialized performance e-bikes providing optimum stability and comfort and come with multi-modes of operation giving users freedom to choose the way of riding.  Both the e-bikes come with lockable battery pack which makes it very convenient to charge & carry. According to a recent study, the global electric bikes market is witnessing moderate growth and is projected to register a CAGR of 9.0% during the year 2017-2022. In India, the government has encouraged the use of electric bikes, and it is looking forward to convert each and every “fuel-running vehicle” into electric vehicles by the end of the year 2035.

About GoZero Mobility 

GoZero Mobility is a British electric bike maker which manufactures premium electric performance bikes and signature lifestyle merchandise. Headquartered in Birmingham, GoZero has established the operations base in Kolkata, India. GoZero works on futuristic product line to suit the market demand and meet unmet needs. The current product line includes One and Mile.

For any GoZero media inquiries, please go to contact us on www.gozero.in

Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association welcomes the move of Tamil Nadu Govt.

Tamil Nadu Transport Department makes suppy of BIS certified helmets mandatory at the time of purchase of new two wheelers.

As  you are aware that the transport Department is taking various initiatives to reduce road accidents in Tamil Nadu. But, still the accident report reveals that the fatalities rate is more among the two wheeler riders 33% and fatalities in the year 2018 is due to the efforts by stakeholder departments such as police, highways, health and transport. In order to reduce the road accidents and fatalities even further among two wheelers rider and to encourage motor cyclists to wear the helmet by both rider and pillion , Transport Department  of Tamil Nadu is taking various steps. Transport Comissioner of Tamil Nadu, instructed that the supply of the helmet to every buyer at the time of purchase of a new vehicle by the manufacturer or dealer should be ensured by the RTOs and report of the same should be submitted to his office every month and Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association Welcomes this rule. According to the Central Motor Vehicle Act, rule 138 (4) (f) 1989, states that at the time of purchase of a two wheeler, the manufacturer of the two wheeler shall supply protective head gear, keeping in mind the specifications prescribed by BIS. Therefore, the transport department of Tamil Nadu makes the supply of helmet to the buyer at the time of purchase of new two wheeler mandatory which can surely lead to decrease in injuries and deaths in road accidents. The Two Wheeler Helmet Manufacturers Association is in High Spirits as the State Government of Tamil Nadu took such an initiative which are really beneficial for the the Two Wheeler Riders as a helmet is a life saving device. Most importantly, a good quality and BIS certified helmet should be used by the rider, and this move can surely decrease the buying of fake ISI helmet which are available in local markets and footpaths.

See Us Lead! || Cubical’s Smart Home Conference

India’s first Smart Home Conference is being organised by Cubical Laboratories in which industry experts will be joining in the panel where they will be discussing the market trends and possibilities in this emerging market. The conference was held at Radisson Blu, Dwarka. Cubical Laboratories, CEO and Co-founder Mr. Dhruv Ratra said “We are one of pioneers and market leaders in the retrofit home automation space and now we are introducing simple yet advanced solution in the market like Cubical Secure, a wireless security solution, Switch-less smart-homes with Cubical Panels with 10 inches full HD touch-based display which revolutionizes the way you look at the switchboards”. “We promise zero-humming in fans and through Cubical Colors, users now can choose more than 750 Million colors for mood lighting”.  Cubical Laboratories, are introducing all new Cubical Secure, a wireless security solution which includes a Motion Detector, an trusion Detector, and Digital Door Locks. In case of a security breach, users will get the notification on our smartphone application or ubical Panels and if internet connection is unavailable, users will receive a text message. Also, our security solution is free from loud alarms, hooters, and unnecessary false-alerts. Apart from Cubical Secure and Cubical Panels, We are the first company to launch the second generation of home automation products. The appliances on the switchboard like lights, fans, geysers or ACs can be controlled with a smartphone application, voice assistants and standard switches.
Given our commitment towards enabling IOT inside homes, Cubical Labs is now announcing a platform with Cube -OS (Operating System for Homes) and Cube-R 2.0 (Proprietary Wireless Communication Protocol) which is one of the most
advanced proprietary wireless protocol for third-party devices. It has the latency of 200ms which is the least latency among any retrofit smart home solution in India. To enable Cube-R 2.0 in their device, OEMs can procure the "Cubical-Stick" , a small coin-sized chip that converts any device to smart device like air conditioner,
washing machine etc., with complete software support after which these products/appliances will be IOT enabled and will become part of the Cubical Ecosystem. These products will carry the certification of "Cube-Compatible".
The main attendees in the event were- All channel and Builder partners, Board of Directors/ Investors. We also had Ms. Sonali Thapar-  Director of Thapar investments. Mr Arun Seth- Chairman of NASSCOM Foundation and Director of
Jubilant Food Works (Dominoes). Mr. Jai Menon – Ex-CIO at Bharti Enterprises, Ex-Vice President AT&T and Ex-Director IBM. Mr. Mridul Upreti- Technology evangelist and mentor. CEO at JLL. Mr. Pranav Gupta – A private equity investor with over a decade of experience in investing and portfolio management across financial services, and real estate sectors in India. Mr. Dinesh Prasad – Founder and CEO of BlueSky Inventions.

Steelbird comes up with SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet

World’s first helmet with NACA Duct Airflow Technology with Photochromatic Visor

 Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India launches SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet, World’s first helmet with NACA duct Airflow Technology. The air flow system of the helmet is especially favored in Racing car designs and aircrafts. The double NACA inlets above the shield allows entry of a large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and dehumidify the interior. Talking about the NACA inlets on the back of the helmet, it allows quick extraction of stale air. Designed in Italy, the helmet comes with comfortable and replaceable interiors.  The streamlined design of the SA-1 Aeronautics helmet reduces air drag, hence there is an increase in efficiency.The SA-1 Aeronautics helmet comes with a wide range of visors like Iridium coated, Night Vision, smoke visor, specially the photochromatic visor. In numbers, there are 10 range of visors available for the helmet. The new stylish helmet will surely keep the riders head cool with this technology and ensures no sweating at all. Talking about one of the special visors which the helmet offers is the Photochromatic visor. The two wheeler rider can ride with ease while wearing the SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet with Photochromatic Visor, as the visor changes it color according to the light. The Visor stays Smoky during the day time and turns into a clear one in the dark. Step into the world of  wide range of colors in which the helmet is available like, Battle Green, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Desert Storm, Maroon, Moon Yellow, Royal Brown etc, in both Mat and Glossy finish Respectively. The Steelbird SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet is available at all Steelbird outlets and at www.steelbirdhelmet.com at different price range starting from Rs 2999 to Rs 5999, depending upon the choice of visor respectively.

                                                      SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet              




Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association has been proactively taking up the matter of helmet safety in India.Sharing thoughts on National Road Safety Week on the sidelines of SIAM’s Seminar Mr. Rajeev Kapur, President, Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association and MD, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd said “Urbanisation has led to doubling in traffic fatalities in the past few years with the number of deaths around 3 lacs per year as per WHO report. Most people affected are pedestrians and two wheeler users.” While we appreciate MoRTH for issuing draft notification for bringing the two wheeler helmet into mandatory list of BIS certification and  BIS for implementation of new standard IS4151:2015- India specific helmet standard.  However corrective measures need to be taken to save human lives. Notification issued by MoRTH on bringing two wheeler helmets in mandatory BIS list to be gazetted immediately. Awareness alone will not work. Strict enforcement is required. Government should make helmets mandatory pan India.” As per WHO report 300 thousand people are dying in road accidents in India but this number only includes what is reported and recorded by the Indian Government. On the contrary as per general view more than one million people are dying in India in road accidents because many of the accidents never get reported and recorded. Also MoRTH should enforce on all OEM’S and SIAM to provide helmets with 2 wheeler as per motor vehicle act as the same is done by Royal Enfield and Vespa / Piaggio. At the time of purchase of 2 wheelers, the manufacturers of two-wheeler should supply a protective headgear confirming to the specifications prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards under the Bureau of India standard act 1986. Therefore MoRTH should take initiatives along with the helmets manufacturers as the minimum investment to meet the Indian demand is approximately 6000 crore including the working capital, and the time frame required is minimum 2-3 years. Also Manufacturers and big organisation should come forward and invest in this field. Considering the current scenario the apprehension is that if they invest in this field and what is the government does not enforce the law. So we request the ministry to carve out the future plans to make helmets mandatory PAN India.” A Seminar on Emerging Trends of Road Safety supported by the secretary of MoRTH and special commissioner of police was recently organised at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. It aimed at providing training, technical and brainstorming sessions to the people. The seminar was chaired by some prominent industry players such as Mr. Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Hi Tech India Ltd who shed light on the helmet standards in India; Mr. Yashpal Sachar, General Manager, Honda Car India; Mr. Ramashankar Pandey, CEO and MD Hella India lighting Ltd.

Launch of most Innovative Helmet of all times SBA-1 HF by Steelbird

Now enjoy music and attend calls while riding

Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India launches SBA-1 HF to add music to your rides. This model is designed especially for the ones who find it difficult to attend calls or who wish to listen music during ride making it world’s most innovative Helmet. Designed after two years of rigorous research and development SBA-1 HF is battery less, and provides high-quality sound along with powerful performance. This Helmet connects to phone with an AUX and is compatible with all phones. The SBA-1 Hands Free is made for city rides comprises of many exciting features such as noise cancellation through single directional microphone, easy access to Google assistant and dedicated button for call connect and disconnect. The speakers in the helmet do not a have noise cancellation feature, so the rider is aware of the sounds around, like horn, ambulance siren etc. Apart from being technology friendly, the newly launched helmet is supported with waterproof mechanism with IP5 water resistant hands free parts. Its main feature is that the rider can easily attend calls just by clicking a button. The microphone in the helmet is single actuator microphone, so only the voice of the rider will be transmitted, not the voice of the traffic etc. SBA-1 HF Helmet comprises with latest technology, machinery and new moulds. With the best technology equipped speakers, the helmet manages sound in such a way that the rider is able to coordinate well with the sounds. It also makes the rider well aware of happenings around while riding. The simultaneous management helps the rider to ride with safety and entertainment. Innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal & top area and two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet. For the comfort of the rider, the SBA-1 HF has Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Coated Visor Quick Release Visor mechanism Kit. This high tech and stylish model is available in 3 colors Red, Black and white and sizes ranging from 58cm to 60cm. The Steelbird SBA-1 HF Helmet is available at all Steelbird outlets and at www.steelbirdhelmet.com at an affordable price of Rs. 2589 /- only. 



The only Indian brand so far to get approval and certifications by BIS to meet new standards 
 Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India has announced that it has become the very first helmet brand in India to receive certifications and approvals for its products and facilities to meet the new BIS standard for helmets i.e. IS 4151 :2015.
Steelbird is the first company in India who is ahead of time and has already upgraded its manufacturing facilities , labs and designs to meet the requirements of new standard which will be in force from 15th January 2019. It has received prerequisite certifications and  all the helmets of steelbird are being produced as per the new guidelines.
The new Helmet standards IS 4151:2015 will replace the existing IS 4151 :1993.  This is a welcoming step in a bid to improve safety levels and curb poor quality helmet sales. Under the new standards, helmet manufacturers has to take care a lot about four parts of the helmets which are shell, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Chin Straps and Visor.
The transport ministry has also announced that the sale of non-ISI standard helmets will now be treated as an offense, while the new helmets will be specified as Two Wheelers helmets those meant for motorcyclists, so bikers do not bypass the law by wearing ISI-marked industrial helmets. Furthermore, the new guidelines issued by the transport ministry have revised the rules for testing the new motorcycle helmets.
The impact absorption test has been modified with number of additional impact points, use of kerbs stone anvil etc. The tests now include the front impact test under various conditions of temperature and humidity. There will be new tests added to stimulate the abrasion of the helmet during an accident and the effectiveness of the retention system. There will also be an additional micro-slip test and abrasion test for the chin strip added. Another test for the retention system’s quick release mechanism has been added under the new guidelines.
This standard specifies requirements for materials, construction, workmanship, finish and performance for protective helmet (with or without lower face cover) for everyday use by two wheeler riders. The helmets covered by this standard are not intended for high-speed competitive events. The standard specifies helmets of the sizes 500 mm, 520 mm, 540 mm, 560 mm, 570 mm, 580 mm, 600 mm and 620 mm. to match the head forms.
Commenting on the new development Mr. Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird Helmets told that  it was the most challenging task for us to implement this standard as we have more than 60 models of helmets which are made in 3 different sizes each. So at any given point we have 180 helmets which were trialed & tested to get it according the new standards and we are proud that we have succeeded and much ahead of time.
“The new two-wheeler helmets under the mandatory certification regime are lighter and airier however going through the strident quality checks. Steelbird has an installed capacity to produce 22,000 Helmets per day and all the helmets will be meeting the new ISI standards. The deadline to implement the new standard is 15 January 2019 and at Steelbird we are ready as of today to launch products which will meet the IS 4151:2015 standard” added Mr Kapur.
“We have set a perfect example for others to follow. This is surely a proud moment for us and the changes and incorporations of new ISI standards in our products will drive fast this industry. We have worked hard to be extremely swift with our transformation and been very vigilant to be in sync with the new policy.” The core idea is to help move forward from a non regulated market to a new era of market which is governed by regulations and principle of reciprocity.” Mr Kapur said . The new Helmet Standards have been formulated keeping other International Standards in consideration with the sole objective of increasing the usage of Helmet while riding two-wheeler without compromising safety.
“Selling non ISI marked helmets is equivalent to selling fake medicine. And just as fake medicines are harmful and poisonous so are fake helmets. This decision by the policy makers has a larger and deeper implication.” Concluded Mr. Rajaeev Kapur

Strike by Trucker’s costs India Rs 10,000 crore in 3 days

“It is high time the government steps in…and offers some practical solutions to redress our woes,” said Raman Khosla.

The losses due to the all-India transporters’ strike crossed Rs 2,000 crore in Maharashtra as lakhs of trucks stayed off the road for the third consecutive day on Sunday, said transporter associations. They pegged the nationwide losses due to the strike at Rs 10,000 crore. The Centre is likely to intervene on Monday and has called transporters for talks in a bid to end the crisis.

“It is high time the government steps in…and offers some practical solutions to redress our woes,” said Raman Khosla, president of the Maharashtra Rajya Truck, Tempo, Tankers, Bus Vahatuk Mahasangh. “The government should at least accept our demands in principle.”

He added that not a single truck transported manufacturing, industrial goods and other commodities on Sunday. “Trucks plying essentials like vegetables, fruits, medicine, milk are exempted from the strike,” Khosla said.

But a few leading transporter associations fear that if strike continues this week, even those supplying vegetables and fruits could ‘voluntarily’ stay off the road, which may escalate prices. “These truck owners have expressed their solidarity to the protest,” said Bal Malkit Singh of the All India Motor Transport Congress.

Transporters complained they have been reeling under the impact of demonetization, rise in input costs along with fuel prices and high cost of GST among other challenges. They have demanded reduction in diesel prices, quarterly review of fuel prices, a toll-free India for seamless movement of goods, need for transparency, and reduction in third-party insurance premium..

There were peaceful rallies and protests at toll plazas and ports across the country. “Transportation services to and from the port, refineries, harbours and movement from petrochemical units, white goods, FMCG, steel, coal, cement, granite, and other industrial units have been stopped,” Singh said. “Till date, there are no reconciliatory talks or indication from the government to resolve the issues with immediate tangible results. The movement will intensify in the days to come.”

Nationwide truckers strike commences from today

Unionised truckers claim over 9.3 million members and the strike was announced on May 17.

Millions of truckers from across the country are set to go on an indefinite strike from today, demanding a slew of actions from government, including lowering diesel prices and toll fees, a union leader said today.

Unionised truckers claim over 9.3 million members and the strike was announced on May 17.

Government is engaged in last ditch efforts to persuade truckers in the highly road transport concentrated economy not to go ahead with their call, officials said.

“We held a meeting with Union transport minister Nitin Gadkaritoday but that was inconclusive. We are meeting finance minister Piyush Goyal at 2130 hrs today,” Bal Malkit Singh, chairman of the All-India Motor Transport Congress core committee, told over phone.

He, however, sounded sceptical if any solution can be found during the late night meeting and added that the strike will go on as announced.

Singh said truckers will stop rolling from 0600 hrs tomorrow and pegged the likely daily loss at Rs 4,000 crore for them.

Truckers key demands include reduction in Central and state taxes by getting diesel under the GST so that price of the deregulated commodity can be reduced, he said.

Singh said truckers are also against the “flawed and non-transparent” toll collection system that favours road concessioners, and alleged that the time and fuel loss goes up to Rs 1.5 trillion annually on account of it.

Truckers are also miffed at high insurance premia and want a reduction in third-party premium, exemption on third- party premia from GST, he said.

Apart from this, they are also pressing for exemptions and abolitions in direct taxes, national permits for all buses and trucks and also doing away with the direct port delivery tendering system, he said.

When contacted, an official close to Gadkari’s office said during the meeting, transporters were told that instant solutions cannot be found to their demands but assured them the government is looking at all the demands sensitively.

“We are very open to look into all their issues and hope that better sense prevails,” the ministry official said.

Meanwhile, the School Bus and Company Bus Owners Association of Maharashtra extended their support to the trcukers strike.

The association runs around 8,000 buses in Mumbai and 40,000 buses across the state. “All these buses will be off the road tomorrow,” Anil Garg, association president told .

He said although truckers are planning an indefinite strike his association will off the road for only a day, to show solidarity.

Established in 1936, the All-India Motor Transport Congress and calls itself as the apex body of transporters representing over 93 lakh truckers and around 50 lakh buses, tourist taxi and cab operators.

Ford recalling 550,000 vehicles that can roll away unexpectedly

Ford is recalling about 550,000 cars and SUVs in North America to fix a gearshift problem that could cause the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly. The recall covers certain 2013 through 2016 Fusion sedans and some 2013 and 2014 Escape small SUVs.

Ford is recalling about 550,000 cars and SUVs in North America to fix a gearshift problem that could cause the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly.

The recall covers certain 2013 through 2016 Fusion sedans and some 2013 and 2014 Escape small SUVs.

Ford says a bushing that attaches the shifter cable to the transmission can fall off. If this happens, the driver could shift into the park but the vehicle could be in another gear. That could let the vehicle roll, increasing the risk of injury or crash.

The company says it doesn’t know of any crashes or injuries. Ford is advising owners to use the parking brake.

Dealers will replace the shifter bushing at no cost. Owners will be notified by July 30. Parts should be available late this quarter.