Steelbird Helmets target 200 % growth by 2020

Kochi: Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd, India’s largest ISI helmet brand having Technical Collaboration with BIEFFE- World’s Number One in Helmets, is looking to double up its existing business operations by 2020. The brand which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of helmets and side boxes in domestic as well as overseas markets has identified new business opportunities in the similar vertical including manufacturing high end automobile accessories and riding gears etc.

One of the biggest challenges in India is to face counterfeit and fakes which is being tackled by Steelbird with Steelbird Connect mobile app designed especially to speared awareness and easy use of the product. Steelbird Global Group Head – Sales & Marketing Shailendra Jain who was on his visit to Kochi told the media about the multifold expansion on the brand. Mr Jain told Steelbird manufacture 47 models of helmets and every month it is planning to roll out 3 new variants.

Steelbird Group is India’s fastest growing business conglomerates with interests in Helmets, Retail,

automobile parts, Entertainment, Music channel, online shopping portal, Motoring sports etc. It is Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer having 7 state of the art plants with manufacturing capacity of 21000 helmets a day. With over 53 years of experience, we have more than 5 R&D facilities in Italy who are working for Steelbird, supported by over 3000 well trained staff and an impressive clientele.

Disclosing about the accessory business Mr Jain told” Steelbird has senses a huge vacuum when it comes to riding gears and accessories and to fill up this vacuum Steelbird has come out with a customized range of riding gears Helmets, Bikers Suits, Jackets, gloves, Sun Glasses, knee pads, wind suits, rain suits etc. Steelbird has its own state of the art manufacturing facilities to manufacture these accessories.

Cities like Kochi, Bangalore, Guwahati, Pune, Hyderabad, Panjim, Ludhiana are known as biker’s hub, where people are fascinated for bikes. You can find super bikes and lot of trendy bikes in the possession of youngster these days. To ride these bikes one must have riding gears which we will

provide through these shoppee’s. Within next 2 years, we intend to open around 200 Riderz Shoppee across India, out of which we intend to open 50 outlets in southern India including cities like Kochi, Bangalore, Mysore, Udupi, Chennai, Hyderabad, where biking is also a passion, more than commuting.”

He added “Indian two wheeler industries has maximum share of motorcycles, creating a huge market for Biking Gears. However, the riders have hardly any choice if he wishes to buy authentic branded and international quality riding gears. By opening Riderz Shoppe, we are certainly bridging this huge gap and also educating people to go for qualitative products as every single product we are offering will help the riders to drive safely with style.”