FITNAPP is an app based service available on iOS & Android. FITNAPP is successfully removing friction and creating marketplace efficiencies through technology.

Whenever you head out of town, you probably end up missing workouts. Unless you are staying at a five-star property, it’s not easy to find gyms or group fitness studios in an unfamiliar place and it’s probably even harder to find one that lets you sign up for just a day or two. Instead of being a full time member of a gym, wouldn’t it be great if you could just go to a nearby gym wherever you are, whenever you want? If this is something you’ve thought about, then there is an app that helps.

FITNAPP lets you find the nearest fitness studio and sign up for workouts at reasonable prices. The app has partnered with several fitness studios in Delhi and if you are in either place, you might want to check it out.

The app uses your location to find the nearest places for you to work out, and lets you search for specific workouts such as strength training, yoga, among others. This means that FITNAPP is only as good as the fitness studios near you. If you live in a pocket of town where there are no good workout options, then there’s nothing any app can do about it. On the other hand, suppose you’re travelling to either Mumbai or Delhi for work, but don’t want to miss your workout? The FITNAPP app lets you find some great deals.

In our locality in Mumbai, we found a one-day pass for a gym at Rs. 150, which is reasonable considering that the gym itself is pretty good. FITNAPP lets you search for eight categories of workouts but we found that one particular studio with several branches in Mumbai dominated search results.

That’s not the only quibble we had either. The app also didn’t have detailed descriptions of what to expect from various places. Even when you’re buying a day pass at a gym, you’d probably want to see photos of the gym, and what equipment is available. FITNAPP didn’t show us anything like that. Similarly, there were no details about two-hour mixed martial arts workouts. A short summary would really help people to make a good choice.

Things like these made us feel that FITNAPP focus is on aggregation alone and not much on making it easy for people to select the place they want to visit. This is emphasized in the app’s design or lack thereof. The app has a sliding gallery of featured articles at the top, all of which are articles that tell you how to use the app. That takes up a significant chunk of space on the home screen. Finding different workouts or gyms is below that, and the design is fairly barebones.

The iOS app almost feels like a slow and buggy mobile website. Quite a few times the app got stuck on a white screen when we tried to go back from any page. Selecting a different location was also hard as the form would not register our taps sometimes. Thankfully the Android app is much better. While it also feels barebones, at least it is snappy.

As an app that aggregates fitness studios, FITNAPP does a good job, particularly if you just want to discover places to workout nearby.




“Power to access as many centers as you wish on a single platform using affordable subscription fee. If you are a regular fitness enthusiast then there are membership’s packages available. The facility to Pay Per Visit (PPV) is also available. Fitnapp is an ocean of exercises, activities, workouts recreations, beauty services and fitness products.



“Fitnapp offers you affordable various subscription option through which you are granted access to the best fitness centers and classes.“



“Everyday should be exciting and refreshing. The same goes for your workout. We make sure there is ample flexibility in the offered services. You can reserve classes as per your suitability and preferences.“



“Fitnapp work for its clients and not only we offer variety of activities, but we also give you an option to choose WHERE and WHEN to workout. The time is yours, the place is yours – all we do is make sure you have a great experience at your convenience.”


FITNAPP is a fitness membership plan that makes fitness convenient, fun and helps you save 70% on gym membership fees. With FITNAPP, you can freely access and workout at the best gyms and fitness studios near your home, office, malls, etc. at your convenience.


Gymer offers their service through a mobile app, desktop, and mobile browsers. It currently accepts credit card, debit card, wallet and net banking payments through Paytm and PayUmoney, and has planned to add more payment gateways soon.


It has launched a booking process which allows user to book in advance for 5 days. Bookings can’t be cancelled or transferred to other people. However, users can reschedule the same by getting in touch with the gym directly, subject to their obligation.