See Us Lead! || Cubical’s Smart Home Conference

India’s first Smart Home Conference is being organised by Cubical Laboratories in which industry experts will be joining in the panel where they will be discussing the market trends and possibilities in this emerging market. The conference was held at Radisson Blu, Dwarka. Cubical Laboratories, CEO and Co-founder Mr. Dhruv Ratra said “We are one of pioneers and market leaders in the retrofit home automation space and now we are introducing simple yet advanced solution in the market like Cubical Secure, a wireless security solution, Switch-less smart-homes with Cubical Panels with 10 inches full HD touch-based display which revolutionizes the way you look at the switchboards”. “We promise zero-humming in fans and through Cubical Colors, users now can choose more than 750 Million colors for mood lighting”.  Cubical Laboratories, are introducing all new Cubical Secure, a wireless security solution which includes a Motion Detector, an trusion Detector, and Digital Door Locks. In case of a security breach, users will get the notification on our smartphone application or ubical Panels and if internet connection is unavailable, users will receive a text message. Also, our security solution is free from loud alarms, hooters, and unnecessary false-alerts. Apart from Cubical Secure and Cubical Panels, We are the first company to launch the second generation of home automation products. The appliances on the switchboard like lights, fans, geysers or ACs can be controlled with a smartphone application, voice assistants and standard switches.
Given our commitment towards enabling IOT inside homes, Cubical Labs is now announcing a platform with Cube -OS (Operating System for Homes) and Cube-R 2.0 (Proprietary Wireless Communication Protocol) which is one of the most
advanced proprietary wireless protocol for third-party devices. It has the latency of 200ms which is the least latency among any retrofit smart home solution in India. To enable Cube-R 2.0 in their device, OEMs can procure the "Cubical-Stick" , a small coin-sized chip that converts any device to smart device like air conditioner,
washing machine etc., with complete software support after which these products/appliances will be IOT enabled and will become part of the Cubical Ecosystem. These products will carry the certification of "Cube-Compatible".
The main attendees in the event were- All channel and Builder partners, Board of Directors/ Investors. We also had Ms. Sonali Thapar-  Director of Thapar investments. Mr Arun Seth- Chairman of NASSCOM Foundation and Director of
Jubilant Food Works (Dominoes). Mr. Jai Menon – Ex-CIO at Bharti Enterprises, Ex-Vice President AT&T and Ex-Director IBM. Mr. Mridul Upreti- Technology evangelist and mentor. CEO at JLL. Mr. Pranav Gupta – A private equity investor with over a decade of experience in investing and portfolio management across financial services, and real estate sectors in India. Mr. Dinesh Prasad – Founder and CEO of BlueSky Inventions.

Steelbird comes up with SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet

World’s first helmet with NACA Duct Airflow Technology with Photochromatic Visor

 Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India launches SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet, World’s first helmet with NACA duct Airflow Technology. The air flow system of the helmet is especially favored in Racing car designs and aircrafts. The double NACA inlets above the shield allows entry of a large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and dehumidify the interior. Talking about the NACA inlets on the back of the helmet, it allows quick extraction of stale air. Designed in Italy, the helmet comes with comfortable and replaceable interiors.  The streamlined design of the SA-1 Aeronautics helmet reduces air drag, hence there is an increase in efficiency.The SA-1 Aeronautics helmet comes with a wide range of visors like Iridium coated, Night Vision, smoke visor, specially the photochromatic visor. In numbers, there are 10 range of visors available for the helmet. The new stylish helmet will surely keep the riders head cool with this technology and ensures no sweating at all. Talking about one of the special visors which the helmet offers is the Photochromatic visor. The two wheeler rider can ride with ease while wearing the SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet with Photochromatic Visor, as the visor changes it color according to the light. The Visor stays Smoky during the day time and turns into a clear one in the dark. Step into the world of  wide range of colors in which the helmet is available like, Battle Green, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Desert Storm, Maroon, Moon Yellow, Royal Brown etc, in both Mat and Glossy finish Respectively. The Steelbird SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet is available at all Steelbird outlets and at at different price range starting from Rs 2999 to Rs 5999, depending upon the choice of visor respectively.

                                                      SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet              




Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association has been proactively taking up the matter of helmet safety in India.Sharing thoughts on National Road Safety Week on the sidelines of SIAM’s Seminar Mr. Rajeev Kapur, President, Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association and MD, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd said “Urbanisation has led to doubling in traffic fatalities in the past few years with the number of deaths around 3 lacs per year as per WHO report. Most people affected are pedestrians and two wheeler users.” While we appreciate MoRTH for issuing draft notification for bringing the two wheeler helmet into mandatory list of BIS certification and  BIS for implementation of new standard IS4151:2015- India specific helmet standard.  However corrective measures need to be taken to save human lives. Notification issued by MoRTH on bringing two wheeler helmets in mandatory BIS list to be gazetted immediately. Awareness alone will not work. Strict enforcement is required. Government should make helmets mandatory pan India.” As per WHO report 300 thousand people are dying in road accidents in India but this number only includes what is reported and recorded by the Indian Government. On the contrary as per general view more than one million people are dying in India in road accidents because many of the accidents never get reported and recorded. Also MoRTH should enforce on all OEM’S and SIAM to provide helmets with 2 wheeler as per motor vehicle act as the same is done by Royal Enfield and Vespa / Piaggio. At the time of purchase of 2 wheelers, the manufacturers of two-wheeler should supply a protective headgear confirming to the specifications prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards under the Bureau of India standard act 1986. Therefore MoRTH should take initiatives along with the helmets manufacturers as the minimum investment to meet the Indian demand is approximately 6000 crore including the working capital, and the time frame required is minimum 2-3 years. Also Manufacturers and big organisation should come forward and invest in this field. Considering the current scenario the apprehension is that if they invest in this field and what is the government does not enforce the law. So we request the ministry to carve out the future plans to make helmets mandatory PAN India.” A Seminar on Emerging Trends of Road Safety supported by the secretary of MoRTH and special commissioner of police was recently organised at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. It aimed at providing training, technical and brainstorming sessions to the people. The seminar was chaired by some prominent industry players such as Mr. Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Hi Tech India Ltd who shed light on the helmet standards in India; Mr. Yashpal Sachar, General Manager, Honda Car India; Mr. Ramashankar Pandey, CEO and MD Hella India lighting Ltd.

Yes Madam Contributes For The Nation

Yes Madam Contributes For The Nation

Donates 10% of the package to the War Widow Fund.

Yes Madam’s initiative towards contributing for the nation aims to uplift the victims of war widows. It is the time when you can do a bit for the wives of the soldiers who lose their life at the time of protecting the country. Yes Madam has launched a package of which 10% of its revenue will go to the War Widow Fund. The donation will help in the development and welfare of the wives of the martyred soldiers. The package includes VLCC Clean-Up, Chocolate Waxing, and Threading. You can get the benefit of anyone from Fruit Clean Up, Anti-Tan and Brightening. Chocolate Waxing includes Full Arms, Half Legs and Under Arms. And Threading includes Eyebrows with Upper Lips and Forehead.USP of this package is the time and place which will be yours. “I feel proud and safe in the country. It is all because of our national heroes who are standing tall to fight for the peace of the country. I feel it is our duty to pay back in some of the other ways for the welfare of the army. With every special package, we will be donating 10% of the amount to the war widow fund. It will help them to move ahead in life after loss.” Commented Mr. Aditya Arya, Co-Founder, Yes Madam. Mrs. Kalra from the War Widow Fund said, “It is always great to see citizen from the country supporting their people. I am thankful to the entire team of Yes Madam for their contribution to the fund. It will help all the women and their families to grow and live a peaceful life.”The cost of the whole package is Rs. 796 only and resident of Delhi-NCR can take the benefit of it. You can place the order for the package from their app Yes Madam and trained and verified beauticians will come at your place to pamper you. So, for what you are waiting for? Grab the opportunity and get the best of the beauticians from the city at your place and on your time!