Delaying your journey to motherhood? Is it ever too late to be a mom?

How Late is too late to be a mother? 

Delaying your journey to motherhood? Is it ever too late to be a mom?

As issues like gender equality take a centre stage and we have more women leading businesses or important roles within an organization, starting a family takes a back seat. Women are often faced with a question how late is “too late” to be a mom? Everyone wants to give their child the best. Working women are more at pressure to juggle between their careers and personal life. Society at large believes that ‘women is complete when she rejoices motherhood’. But without denying the social norms they also want to achieve their career aspirations and life goals. So, it is okay to be little late in being a mom?

Motherhood is every woman’s dream. While they fight the social pressures and focus on their careers but at the back of their mind they know that their biological clock is ticking faster. As they grow older and smarter, their eggs also grow older and their quality decreases..

As per the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a woman’s fertility starts to decline beginning in her 30’s, with a more significant decline after the age of 35. Every month, there’s only a 20 percent chance of pregnancy for a woman in her 30’s. Studies also suggest that women conceiving at later age may be at risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormality such as Down Syndrome.

Shall they lose heart and all hope? No.

With evolving IVF techniques, it is probably not even late till your 60’s. Recently in a rare case in Punjab, India, a 70 year old woman had given birth through IVF. While this is one of the rare case, it tells us the extent of how evolved is medical science today but not one of the ideal one.

So with advancements in fertility treatments, there is an option for professional women not yet ready for motherhood, to continue to build their careers without being in an emotional dilemma of choosing between a baby and their career.

Women now have  choices! These range from egg freezing, IVF treatment, surrogacy, adoption among others. We know of many celebrities who have gone through either the above options to experience their joy of parenthood much later in their lives.

Option one: Egg Freezing for a Future Pregnancy 

Egg freezing is considered as a safe, sound and competent method for women who wish to delay parenthood. This could be a career choice or a recommended way forward for those diagnosed with medical conditions which have a direct impact on the embryo quality and quantity.

As per Zsolt Peter Nagy, PhD, an Atlanta embryologist, accurate data on the number of babies born from frozen eggs are hard to obtain, but it is approximately 5,000 births worldwide. Though a small number now, the number of women opting to freeze their eggs in their late 20’s or early 30’s is on a rise.

Big companies like Apple, JP Morgan chase, Citigroup, Facebook and many more are bearing the cost of voluntary egg freezing for women who decide to delay child-bearing.

Option two; The rise of “Surrogacy “

Surrogacyis a popular and a successful method for women who are unable to carry their own babies. This is a choice for those who decided to have a baby much later in their lives and couldn’t conceive due to infertility or other medical or personal reasons. This method entails IVF with the eggs of either the intended mother or a donor’s egg as the case may be. In this case the surrogate mother is not genetically linked to the child.

Option three: IVF is the way forward 

Besides being opted by infertile couples to conceive a baby, both egg freezing or surrogacy also utilize an IVF treatment.

While the success of IVF depends on a lot of factors such as the age of the woman, the quality of the embryo, status of the uterus etc. But the two principal factors for maximizing the chances of implantation during an IVF treatment are a chromosomally normal embryo and a receptive endometrium.

With the recent advancements, genetic techniques such as Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and Endometrium Receptivity Analysis (ERA) are being used to advance the chances of IVF success and pregnancy.

Option four: Adoption

There are still many who believe in the noble cause. Adoption helps completing your family balance and the desire to be a parent.

SUBSIDISED ANGIOPLASTIES TO BE DONE IN GURGAON for the underprivileged- Initiative by Dr.Prathap Kumar and Ministry of Health, Government of Haryana

  • Angioplasty to be conducted within Rs. 50,000 under the guidance of prominent cardiologist“Dr. Prathap Kumar”
  • This is a Public Private Partnership Carried in association with The government of Haryana, Ministry of Health
  • This facility will be available at Sector 10, Civil Hospital in Gurgaon


Gurgaon: Heart patients in India are facing immense problem owing to the treatment affordability factor. This is leading to increased mortality rates. As a part of PPP model (Public Private Partnership) in cardiac care, subsidised angioplasties are being conducted at Sector 10, Civil Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana.  The subsidized angioplasty procedures are for general public and BPL individuals.

Understanding the anxiety, agony of a cardiac illness victim this initiative will be executed under the aegis of renowned cardiologist Dr.Prathap Kumar, who is the Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Interventional Cardiologist at Meditrina Group of Hospitals, Kollam, Kerala and his team Dr Ajay Dua, Dr Sujith.Meditrina is currently serving people with seven centers, in India and abroad, and still expanding.

A heterogeneous mix of talent, Dr. Prathap Kumar is also a teacher, a successful healthcare entrepreneur, and a passionate doctor who has devoted his life to the welfare of cardiac patients from underprivileged sections of the society and has made this his life pursuit. He uses his skills and expertise to relieve the pain of the heart attack victims with the success rate of 99.95%. Dr. Prathap Kumar strived to render angioplasty at the least rate, sometimes as low as Rs.30000/- through special programmes.

Commenting on this initiative which is being run in collaboration with the Haryana Govt., Dr. Prathapsaid “I along with my team have performed more than 180 angioplasties and 600 Cath lab procedures during the last four months in Faridabad. More than 30% of the patients have benefitted from this initiative belong to the underprivileged sections of the society and have received the treatment at subsidised rates. Rest of the patients, who had to undergo angioplasty treatment with a single stent, got the treatment for below Rs. 50,000/-, which is even less than the charges at Government medical colleges. I am honored to be a part of such an initiative and looking forward to the Gurgaon chapter.”

This initiative has been taken by The  Government of Haryana especially the Health Ministry which has been instrumental in subsidizing this treatment for the underprivileged BPL and SC/ST Patient.

This work by Dr.Prathap and his team is applaudable and has set a perfect example for others to follow. It has made quality healthcare for cardiac ailments affordable for many who could not otherwise afford it in the past and is a significant step towards saving numerous human lives.


Anil D. Ambani owned Reliance Entertainment’s Phantom Films and noted young director, Meghna Gulzar have signed up to produce a series on the life and case files of the highly regarded top cop, and former Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Rakesh Maria.

The series will be based on his experiences and various case files of his accomplished career, and will be directed by MeghnaGulzar.

Rakesh Maria, an IPS officer, cleared his Civil Service Examination from the 1981 batch. As Deputy Commissioner Police (Traffic) in 1993, he cracked the Bombay serial blasts case, and later moved to DCP (Crime) and then Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), of the Mumbai Police. Maria solved the 2003 Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar twin blasts case.  Maria was also given the responsibility of investigating the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008 and interrogated Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist captured alive, and successfully investigated the case.

Rakesh Maria commented, “It is exciting to re-live the journey, especially when piloted by a brilliant and sensitive director like MeghnaGulzar, and a production house of the caliber of Reliance Entertainment’s Phantom Films. More than the nostalgia, it’s also a valuable opportunity to place before the people the extraordinary work of the Mumbai Police when facing tough challenges and working against all odds.”

Amitabh Jhunjhunwala, Vice Chairman, Reliance Entertainment, said “We are delighted to partner with one of the most distinguished law enforcement officers of our times, Rakesh Maria, to present the courageous accomplishments of his career, and the unacknowledged contributions of thousands of members of the Mumbai Police, safeguarding the security of our city 24x7x365. We are also pleased that MeghnaGulzar, one of the country’s most talented young directors, is collaborating with us to present and direct the series.”

Meghna’s 2015 film Talvar released to rave reviews and tremendous audience appreciation. This was followed by her latest feature film Raazi, released in May, 2018, which also received critical acclaim and was a huge commercial success, earning big numbers at the box office.

Talking about the announcement, Meghna Gulzar said, “Mr Rakesh Maria’s life-experiences and his prolific career in law-enforcement are a powerful lens to explore the chronology of crime and terror, in our society – as a city, as well as, as a country and a geographical region. The potential of this content is limitless, and that is supremely exciting for me. The collaboration with Reliance Entertainment’s Phantom Films and MadhuMantena-both synonymous with cutting-edge narratives and vision- is a first I’m looking forward to greatly.”

Commenting on the collaboration for the series, MadhuMantena of Phantom Films said “Phantom Films has always been a director’s company. We are very excited about our collaboration with Meghna to produce the series on the illustrious career of MrRakesh Maria.”

The series is being packaged by KWAN.