Trio World Academy wins award for “Global Collaborative Learning Environments” at World Education Summit Dubai


Trio World Academy, Bangalore has been awarded the Global Collaborative Learning Environmentsaward at World Education Summit, Dubai held recently.  The award ceremony was organized by Elets Technomedia to list the best of learning institutes, ranging from basic primary and secondary schools to the most specialized centers of higher learning. The winner was chosen based on various parameters such as infrastructure, admission process, recognitions includes awards and accolades, faculty, extra-curricular activities and student development. Several well known personalities from the education industry attended the event. Mr. Naveen K M, MD, Trio World Academy received the award from Shri K.K.Nirala, IAS, Director, Technical Education, Government of Gujarat.

The World Education Summit is an international initiative aimed at transforming education through innovation. Since 2011, World Education Summits have brought together decision makers, influential experts and practitioners from across the world at a common platform, to explore groundbreaking innovations and take concrete steps to make significant improvements to worldwide education. The summit is dedicated to showcase innovation and creative action in education space. Top decision-makers share insights with on-the- ground practitioners and collaborate to rethink education.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio World Academy said, “The academy is very proud of this achievement and we congratulate everyone who has won laurels in this prestigious platform. Our academy is putting all its efforts to bring the name of Indian education on global platform. This award gives us further motivation to work harder and achieve more”.

MVJ College of Engineering establishes Robotics and Industrial Automation Laboratory

MVJ College of Engineering establishes Robotics and Industrial Automation Laboratory under the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The “Robotics & Automation Laboratory” at M V Jayaraman College of Engineering was inaugurated by Dr. P S Goel, Formerly secretary, Ministry of earth sciences in the presence of Dr. B N Raghunandan, Professor Dept of Aerospace Engineering IISc Mr. Vasanthakumar Narayan, General Manager at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd., Mr. M J Balachandar, Chairman MVJCE, Dr. Thyagarajan, Director Research MVJCE and Prof. M Brindha, Vice Principal MVJCE. The lab has been set up in collaboration with Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The goal of this lab is to educate the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of robotics so they will get a technically advanced platform to complete their mini projects and also final year projects. The lab is well equipped with all the advanced tools and equipment’s to enable students to implement their ideas and bring them to life. Robotics and automation systems find its application in many domains such as security, surveillance and reconnaissance, planetary exploration, search and rescue, cleanup of hazardous waste, mining, transportation, manufacturing, rehabilitation and service, agricultural industry, biomedical industry, ocean and coastal engineering, and aerospace engineering.

The research activities in this lab focus on a new generation of smart, embedded mechanical and Mechatronics systems. The recent explosion of communications capabilities, coupled with ongoing advances in computing effectiveness and revolutions in miniaturization of processors/ sensors/ actuators, has accelerated the pace of implementing truly distributed smart embedded systems with a variety of emergent applications. It is a very well equipped lab with all the advanced tools and equipment to enable students to implement their ideas and bring them to life. In house training’s can be provided to interested candidates. The ultimate goal is to develop theoretical foundations and gain practical knowledge.

Say No to Binge Drinking

Dr. Lorance Peter, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapur Road share some inputs on the symptoms and ways it can be prevented

Bengaluru, December 27, 2017: It’s December and yay the party time of the year is back. The week from Christmas to New Year is the time where a lot of social gatherings and public events happen and people drinking alcohol is very common. While many of them consume alcoholic beverages responsibly, binge drinking has become common nowadays among people from all ages.

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking is where a person drinks alcohol until he/she is totally drunk or intoxicated and this increases the risk of violence, leading to injuries many a times. It is also associated with numerous health conditions, which would result in both emotional and economical costs. Drinking 6 units of alcohol in a very short span, say about an hour, would increase the blood alcohol concentration level. But drinking the same amount over several hours, as well as eating food, would incur a less effect on one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Some of the numerous consequences include:

* Liver disorders leading to dysfunction

* Stroke

* Hypertension and cardiovascular disorders

* Accidents (R. T.A)

* Unsafe sex, which risks the changes of sexually transmitted

* Psychological issues

Here are some safe alcohol consumption tips to our party crowd:

* Alcohol consumers should be aware of how much alcohol can be
consumed safely, and they should start limiting themselves, considering the
further consequences.

* It’s always recommended not to refill the half empty- glass, as
it’s difficult to keep a count on the amount of alcohol consumed.

* Alcoholic consumption has to be spaced in-between by having a glass
of water or soft drinks.

* It’s always advisable to avoid party fun games like “rounds” or
“shouts”, as this encourages the crowd to keep up with the person who is
drinking the fastest, and the chances of binge drinking is always high here.

* To avoid excessive alcohol drinking, one has to keep themselves
busy by dancing, chatting or having fun, because sitting idle can keep
oneself motivated to consume alcohol.

* Planning a party- venue which is alcohol-free is always advisable.

From the concern of better health, it’s always advisable to cut back on
alcohol, which in turn helps in improvised health. Cutting down on alcohol
is always beneficial to manage your weight, as some drinks contain high
calories. Intoxication also leads to a range of injuries like the one’s
associated with drink and drive, showcasing poor behaviour and also risk
one’s mental and physical well-being.

New Hope for Cancer Patients: World Famous LANEX-DC® Immunotherapy, now in India

New Hope for Cancer Patients: World Famous LANEX-DC® Immunotherapy, now in India
Immunotherapy with dendritic cells is a combination therapy that helps body’s own defences fight cancer cells introduced by LDG India in Country

The facility provides a special type of vaccination, required to treat any type of cancer (except-blood cancer), at any stage. A unique vaccination is made from patient’s blood and infused in the body which boost their immunity and help in curing the disease naturally. LDG India provides the cancer treatment through only 1 dendritic cell rich dose which takes a total of one week to process. A patient can take the vaccination while taking chemotherapy, it will averse the side effects and help a patient live a routine life.

One of the most innovative and advanced cancer treatments, Immunotherapy with dendritic cells infuses a new ray of hope for the cancer patients in ​India​. Countless research and treatment facilities worldwide have increasingly turned towards this dendritic cell therapy; many modern nations like USA have well accepted and approved this treatment.
India is not far behind as this treatment has already been in use for a while. And now with more advancement where the treatment will be done in one cycle will be provided by Germany based doctor “Dr. Frank Gansauge” in India.

Treatment with dendtritic cells is often used when conventional therapies have not been successful. This treatment has been recently introduced in India and many patients have been cured with encouraging results under the supervision of renowned Oncologist.

For most types of cancer, however, there exist standard treatments which have been developed over decades. It is recommended to make use of these treatments and supplement them with immune therapy, since it is known that tumour cells damaged by chemotherapy or radiation are much easier to destroy with immune cells than undamaged tumour cells.

In India LDG India has initiated this medical facility in collaboration with the renowned Germany based laboratory “Dr. Gansuage”.

“We are proud of the medical advancements and with Immunotherapy cancer patients are surely going to benefit as this treatment has largely proven its effectiveness worldwide.” says Mr. Tapesh Singhal, Director, LDG INDIA who has taken the baton forward to introduce this medical facility in India and Indian Subcontinents (except China).

At present Cancer is taking thousands of lives every year worldwide including India. About one hundred different types of cancer are known in humans, and all are different from one another such as the average age at which they appear, the growth rate and the tendency to metastasize. Therefore, it is rather questionable whether a single main cause for the development of cancer will ever be identified.

Scientists working on immunotherapy have basically taken a diverse route by tricking the body’s own defences into combating the rival cancer within. For centuries, this has been an aspiration of medical scientist which has become a reality.

The effectiveness of a treatment with dendritic cells could be proven in the case of skin, kidney, breast, pancreatic, colon, ovarian and prostate cancer, and other cancers.​

ELICA presents the new range of Deep silence Hoods

Make cooking an enjoyable experience

ELICA presents the new range of Deep silence Hoods

Do you get hassled with the constant Hood sound? Does it interfere with your favourite music while you cook? How about having a quieter cooking place with decorative Hoods’ that boast of unique silence technology and impressive functionality! Just imagine the difference between an office full of people chit chatting and a quiet library with only a soft whisper. Well, this is exactly what the new Deep Silence technology is all about, now for your kitchen space and peace!

Elica, leading name in Kitchenhoods across the globe has introduced patented innovative noise reduction system “Elica Deep Silence” (EDS3). The Hoods that comes with EDS3 are the quietest in the world. With Elica Hood models featuring this extraordinary silence technology, you will barely hear the sound at all at low speeds, that is, there is no perceptible noise at all!

The range also incorporates a sleek new design and enhanced features for greater efficiency. EDS3 system reduces noise without compromising on performance. The models equipped with EDS3 are among the most powerful and efficient ones in the market.

This kitchen solution by Elica also refines your kitchen appearance with its polished look. The irresistible Deep silence Hoods’ offer great design combined with harmonious simplicity. It is a magical merge of technology and form. Uber-stylish and highly-aesthetic, the new range is also energy efficient.

 Another defining characteristic of the ultra-silent EDS3 system is the three dimensional aluminium filter that offers exceptionally high airflow coverage. This makes it possible for an air filter capacity of 94% while maintaining the noise far lower than the conventional Hoods.

Elica Hoods have robust built and quality hence you can look forward to years of using this kitchen solution without the need for replacement.

Introducing the new dynamic range Mr. Pralhad Bhutada, CEO, Elica PB India said “We at ELICA have always worked to introduce innovative and smart kitchen solutions. Our Deep Silence Hoods are no exception! This new range of Elica Hood boasts of deep silence technology which reduces the domestic noise pollution by over 35 percent with respect to traditional ones. These models are kitchen-friendly, with an exceptional performance and superb design. They certainly make a great value addition to any kitchen, providing an enjoyable cooking experience.”

These Hoods come with world class aesthetics and are easy to clean and maintain.

Elica deep silence Hoods are available in 60 cms and 90 cms version and the offer range starts from Rs. 14990/-

Elica Deep Silence Hoods are a must have! Transform the way your kitchen looks feels and breathes with Elica!

Real Estate through the year & Expectations for 2018

Indian Real Estate through the year 2017 & Expectations for Future 2018


As Santa Claus time comes closer, I look at the ‘gifts’ that we received in 2017. The positives include the ease of doing business rating, Moody’s giving India a positive ratings update and the GDP growth factor. In the Affordable Housing segment, we expect the PPP model to take off and make a major difference. As we come to the end of 2017, I am reminded of the scene last year: nearing Christmas in 2016, Demonetization had happened recently. This was arguably, the single-most important factor which positively impacted real estate, in terms of encouraging digital payments in real estate transactions. This was just the beginning of a ‘new regulatory regime’ which continued to introduce us to newer regulatory norms throughout 2017, a year that will be remembered as the year of paradigm change in terms of Indian real estate.

While the year started with demonetization the impact continued almost till April 2017. Then we had the Benami Properties Act, followed by RERA and GST – and then, the amendment made to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code. This is a list of new regulatory aspects which impacted stakeholders. This constitutional reforms has re-written the functioning of the real estate industry. For one, right since Jan 2017 till the festive season started towards the second half, 2017 was largely a year of slow market; sluggish sales and a ‘wait and watch’ attitude on part of home seekers.

Interestingly, commercial RE performed very well across 2017. To give our own example, we began 2017 by completing Hiranandani Signature, a 16 storey commercial tower with 4 lakh sq. ft. of office space in Gujarat’s GIFT City; similarly towards end-2017, we completed TCS Olympus Centre, 2 million square feet of ‘built to suit’ office space in Hiranandani Estate, Thane. In Panvel, we have arguably the single largest commercial spaces cluster in the MMR  already developed  and are ready for possession. For commercial realty, in 2017 it has done good, should do better in 2018. 

In wake of the disruptive events over 2016-2017, Affordable Housing has emerged as the driver of real estate growth through 2017, given the initiatives and support from the government. Home Finance also being at record low interest levels provided the extra ‘boost’ needed to ensure that a home seeker finds a ‘dream home’ becoming a reality.. With Affordable Housing emerging as the rising star, the Government also made efforts to boost the mission of “Housing for All” by 2022. We saw some good moves, like the policy reform under PMAY, which hiked the earlier MIG-1 carpet area of 90 sq m to 120 sq m and the earlier MIG -2 carpet area of 110sqm to 150 sq m. So, in these few aspects, 2017 was positive.

Would one define 2017 as a year favorable for realty buyers, or a year for realty developers? I would not make this an “either – or” scenario. This was truly a year that was favorable – as also challenging – for both, buyers and developers. With series of remodelling laws introduced to redefine Indian Real estate, there was effective impact on the each of the industry stakeholders.  Once, the dust of these reforms started settling down as developer and customer got themselves accustomed to the rules & regulation prescribed in the new Acts, few markets like Western and Southern region showed the sign of revival. Talking about these radical changes it has surely brought in much required transparency, trust, customer safety mechanism and accountability into the place. This has surely rekindled the interest level of global and domestic investors along with the fence sitters turning into end users. 

Did that the events of 2017 bring sustainability to Indian real estate?

If one looks at the construction scenario and other aspects of real estate , a combination of global best practices and native methods would seem to be the apt way of achieving this goal – and Indian real estate largely, has taken this route through 2017.

It is not just the regulatory regime, tweaking policies as also introducing new policies has been a ‘work in progress’ scenario in India across 2017. Over the years, the industry has been communicating with various governments about changes required in policies so as to give a positive boost to real estate – and we have seen this happen in the ‘affordable housing’ segment. We need such positive changes in policy across all segments of real estate. Some of the required changes have been implemented, some are under ‘serious consideration’ and some are yet to be taken up. So, quicker permissions and clearances, translating ‘ease of doing business’ into the actual process of planning – executing – completing projects, making low cost institutional credit available to the industry… it is a long list, which has largely remained constant through 2017.

Finally, looking at the outlook  2018 and the future, rationalization of tax as a result of the move to cover real estate fully under GST, and providing a boost for rental housing are the two key drivers to look forward to. In a nutshell, 2017 for the real estate sector has definitely been happening and good – in the long run. In the short run, it can actually be termed ‘challenging’  with the ‘revival’ happening from the festive season.

To sum up in a nutshell, future of Indian RE looks very bullish and it shall grow at the CAGR of 5%-6%. It will be a leading contributor for perennial job creation and economic growth of the country. Mega infrastructure framework will redefine the reality of Indian Real Estate growth story.

~ Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani is President, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), which works under the aegis of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India.



-Bag your piece today for ultra protection and style

New Delhi : Steelbird Hi-Tech India limited, Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer takes a step forward with “SBA-2 helmets” designed especially for the ultra protection of the riders. The biggest USP of this model is its visor. SBA-2 boasts of the longest visor in the helmet industry.  

The model is designed in Italy BY the most adept designers. Synergizing superior quality, effective performance and advanced technology “SBA-2” helmets offers inventive characteristics and unmatched international safety standards. Owner’s pride and status symbol Steelbird SBA-2 unquestionably keeps up the flavour of the brand!  

“SBA-2 is sure to be a hit with its USP. Since the model has the longest visor in the helmet industry it ensures more safety for the riders. The model meets European standards. It offers utmost protection and is the most compact helmet in the world. The model is available in exciting and vibrant decals designed by the famous Bargy Design in Italy. SBA-2 is surely an amalgamation of style and world class safety standards. ”says Mr. Shailendra Jain, Global Group Head – Sales & Marketing, Steelbird Helmets.

SBA-2 incorporates a number of features. The interiors utilize advance air-ventilation system to keep fresh during the long rides and hot weather. The EPS is in two parts with air channels for the ventilation. The air ventilation system facilitates ample airflow and circulation inside the helmet hence allowing the riders to enjoy the ride with maximum comfort; SBA-2 also has a special Stainless Steel mesh at the back vent of the helmet.

Keeping the comfort factor of the riders in mind there is a stretchable neck pad to relieve the rider. There is also an attaco locking system present to lock the interiors at the back and can be removed at ease. SBA-2 also boasts of replaceable interiors which is designed both for comfort and premium looks.

SBA-2 offers the riders the option of double visor and double protection of the chin through the visor and the mouth guard. The company also plans to launch SBA-2 with the sun visor in the near future. The visor is iridium coated and is available in 4 colors which are Gold, Blue, Rainbow and Silver. The visor also has a locking system to lock properly when completely down. Furthermore, for enhanced safety of the riders, SBA-2 also offers the options of three layers of protection which is visor, mouth guard and chin guard EPS.

Riders have a three non- painted colour options to choose from which are Red, white and Black. Making the selection horizon more exciting there is also hand painted 3 tone Flag option available as well. Additionally the model  is available in Glossy/Matt colours too which are Matt Black, Glossy Black, Matt Silver, Matt Maroon, Matt Desert Storm, Matt Battle green, Matt Yamaha Blue, Matt Sports Red, and Matt Honda Grey. So the riders will surely be spoilt with choices!

Priced at staring from 2399 to 2699 SBA-2 model is extremely pocket friendly and is available at all Steelbird outlets and

Lohia Auto added two new electric vehicles to its portfolio


–          Launched Eco Friendly Electric Scooter “Oma Star Spl” designed for specially abled

–          E- rickshaw “Comfort” with unique comfortable back to back seating & GPS unveiled at   EVXPO 2017

New Delhi: Lohia Auto Industries, the automobile division of Rs. 700 Crore Lohia Global and a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, made public its two new electric vehicles during the EV Expo 2017.  OMA Star Spl an Electric Scooter designed especially for specially abled and Comfort an E-Rikshaw with new sitting style and equipped with GPS were launched by Hon’ble Union Minister Sh. Nitin Gadkari.

OMA STAR Spl is designed to keep the requirements for speciallyabled person in mind, who are not able to ride any normal two wheeler or even the hand pulled tricycle. This ergonomically designed vehicle with 3 wheels comes as a support for them and without any expenses of fuel.

Its fresh look & innovative features such as digital speedometer, alloy wheels, large storage capacity, high ground clearance, telescopic suspension etc. will prove to be of great utility for its rider. With low maintenance, zero emissions and infinite savings OMA Star Spl is like a perfect companion for them and help them in commute trouble free. Its electric drive makes it noise-free and clean.

Oma Star Spl is available in attractive colours- Black, White, Red & Grey. The curves are optimized to give a visual appeal while keeping the seating compact yet spacious. This vehicle is surely going to make stepping out for the people with disability a Comfortable experience.

The another revolutionary product from Lohia Auto launched today is “ Comfort “ an E-Rikshaw designed with a back to back seating and equipped with GPS system for additional safety and accuracy. It’s unique back to back seating with easy footstep which offers added ease & convenience to its passengers. It also has dual suspension which provides better stability. Furthermore, features like twin speed mode, swappable battery tray, reverse horn, hazard switch, additional wheel & enhance battery range will give more confidence to its driver while on road. Music system with USB support & FM for passenger entertainment, mobile charger & cabin light are some other accessories for the customers. Keeping in mind the security & safety needs Comfort is equipped with GPS and fire extinguisher, tool kit & first aid which also placed within the vehicle.

Comfort E-Rickshaw is available in 3 variants i.e. COMFORT, COMFORT PLUS & COMFORT DLX have the same basic feature, but can be differentiated on look & accessories.

Commenting on the two new products Mr. Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto said “Our new products OMA Star Spl is for specially abled person and Comfort is designed to offer added comfort and safety. By launching Oma Star Spl our aim is to provide a convenient, comfortable, economic and eco-friendly mode of local commuting to people who are deprived from riding a normal scooter.  We are confident that Oma Star will not just be a commuting solution to s specially abled people but it will boost their confidence and will power immensely.

“With the pollution levels growing at an alarming rate, restorative steps in the form of electric vehicles are the need of the hour. Previously Solar Powered E- Rickshaws have been well accepted by the consumers. We are confident that our new models of electric two wheeler and e-rickshaws are going to receive a great response as well and will soon be seen plying on Indian roads.” added Mr. Ayush Lohia.

Along with the Lohia Auto’s newly launched OMA Star and Comfort other products on display were Humrahi plus with solar panel (Passenger e rickshaw) , Narain lc (loader e rickshaw) , Oma star li ( 2w) , Electric Three wheeler Humsafar.

10 in every 1000 Live births suffer from genetic disorders, Ensure a healthy baby with Igenomix

Genes run in the family. No parent in this world would like to see their child affected by disorders which are severe and not curable.

Usually parents do not pay much attention to genetic disorders. This lack of awareness and ignorance has caused many children to be born with genetic disorders such as Thalassemia, Haemophilia, Cystic fibrosis, etc. It can come as a shock to the parents because they are mostly unaware that they were carriers of genetic disorders and leave them with a lifelong guilt. Carriers of the recessive genetic disorder are healthy people, so it often goes out of notice that they can be passing genetic disorders to their children. “If you know that you are a carrier of a recessive genetic disorder, you can prevent the risk of having your children affected with the disorder. It is therefore important that you get yourself screened before planning your family to find out if you are a carrier or not. In fact, if both the parents are carriers of recessive disorders, then the risk of having children affected with that disorder is 25%,” adds Dr. Rajni Khajuria from Igenomix.

Igenomix has developed an advanced Carrier Genetic Test ( CGT) that identifies if the patient is a carrier or not; thereby highlighting the risk they have for having children affected with that disease. If identified in advance, steps can be taken to ensure a healthy pregnancy. CGT is an important genetic test for family planning which determines the risk of having a child with genetic disorder. The test needs to be conducted on the parents. If the parents are identified as high risk for a particular disease, then they have options such as Preimplanatation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) or Gamete donation which can help in conceiving a healthy child. “Out of all cases analysed by Igenomix, 90% of the people were carriers of at least one genetic mutation,” says Dr. Rajni Khajuria from Igenomix.

For example, if both partners are carriers of Thalassemia and Thalassemia minor themselves, they can conceive a healthy baby through assisted reproductive technologies with the help of Igenomix’s Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) test.

PGD screens the embryos for genetic mutation which both parents are a carrier for and enables them to select those embryos which are not affected by genetic disorder. It is indicated for couples with known personal or family history of monogenic disorders such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X syndrome, spinal muscular dystrophies (SMA), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Huntington disease, Beta Thalassemia and many more. Even Fertile couples who have a known history of a genetic condition in their families can consider PGD testing.